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Sentech : STC-MBS231U3V

By: Sentech
Industrial, USB, & Medical Cameras
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1/1.2" IMX 249, 2.3MP, 41fps, USB3 Vision

The SenTech STC-MBS231U3V features the 2.35 MP Sony Pregius IMX249 sensor sensor and 41.6 frames per second. Utilizing CMOS Global Shutter, the STC-MBS231U3V is capable of capturing moving objects without any motion blur.  With the simplicity of USB 3.0, this camera allows any user to integrate the camera with ease.


Also Available in Color: STC-MCS231U3V


Scanning System



Shutter Type

Global Shutter

Scanning Mode

Full Scanning, Variable ROI (Horizontal and Vertical)

Maximum Frame Rate (in Full Scanning, Free run Model)

1920 x 1200 : 41.6 fps (8bit output), 41.6 fps (10bit output), 32.4 fps (12bit output) *Frame rate will drop if connected to the USB 2.0 port

Maximum Frame Rate (in ROI, Free run Mode)

1280 x 1024 : 48.5fps(8bit/10bit output), 37.8fps(12bit output) 640 x 480 : 99.7fps(8bit/10bit output), 77.7fps(12bit output)

Sync System


Video Output Format

Mono8 / Mono10 / Mono12 (Default: Mono8)

S/N Ratio (8bit)

Less than 3 digit (Gain 0 dB)

Sensitivity *1

570 Lux (Typical)

Electronic Shutter

Exposure Time: 33.12 usec to 81.3 sec (in full scanning mode, 8bit output) Exposure Time: 38.62 usec to 104.3 sec (in full scanning mode, 10bit / 12bit output)



- Analog

0 to 24 dB

- Digital

0 to 6 dB



- Analog

RAW8bit: 0 to 31 digit, RAW12bit: 0 to 511 digit

ROI *2

ROI (Horizontal: 32 to 1920 pixels / Vertical: 32 to 1200 lines)(Default: 1920 x 1200) Adjustable Steps for offset: 2 pixels in horizontal direction and 2 lines in vertical direction Adjustable Steps for image size: 16 pixels in horizontal direction and 4 lines in vertical direction Adjustable Steps for ROI 16 Regions, 16 pixels in horizontal direction and 4 lines in vertical direction

Binning Function *3

Individual x2 Horizontal, Vertical Binning (Frame rate does not increase)

Decimation Funtion *4

Individual x2 Horizontal, Vertical Decimation (Frame rate increases with the vertical decimation, but the frame rate does not increase with the horizontal decimation)


AE, AGC (Default AE: OFF, AGC: OFF)

White Balance


Mirror Image

Horizontal / Vertical / Horizontal and Vertical (Default: OFF)

Pixel Defect Correction

Up to 64 pixels (Default: ON)

Operational Mode *5

Free-run / Edge-preset Trigger / Pulse width trigger / Start/Stop trigger*6

User Setting Storage



USB 3.0 Super Speed (USB 3.0 Micro B)

Input / Output

Three GPIO, One Camera Hardware Reset

Power *7


- Input Voltage

+5V (typ.) (Conform to USB Standard)

- Consumption

Less than 3.0 W

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