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Sentech : STC-MCS231U3V

By: Sentech
Industrial, USB, & Medical Cameras
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1/1.2" IMX 249, 2.3MP, 41fps, USB3 Vision, Color

The SenTech STC-MCS231U3V features the 2.35 MP Sony Pregius IMX249 sensor and 41.6 fps. Utilizing CMOS Global Shutter, the STC-MCS231U3V is capable of capturing moving objects without any motion blur. These cameras are perfect for applications requiring high quality in a cost effective package! 

Scanning System



Shutter Type

Global Shutter

Scanning Mode

Full Scanning, Variable ROI (Horizontal and Vertical)

Maximum Frame Rate (in Full Scanning, Free run Model)

1920 x 1200 : 41.6 fps (8bit output), 41.6 fps (10bit output), 32.4 fps (12bit output) *Frame rate will drop if connected to the USB 2.0 port

Maximum Frame Rate (in ROI, Free run Mode)

1280 x 1024 : 48.5fps(8bit/10bit output), 37.8fps(12bit output) 640 x 480 : 99.7fps(8bit/10bit output), 77.7fps(12bit output)

Sync System


Video Output Format

BayerRG8 / BayerRG10 / BayerRG12 (Default: BayerRG8)

S/N Ratio (8bit)

Less than 3 digit (Gain 0 dB)

Sensitivity *1

1160 Lux (Typical)

Electronic Shutter

Exposure Time: 33.12 usec to 81.3 sec (in full scanning mode, 8bit output) Exposure Time: 38.62 usec to 104.3 sec (in full scanning mode, 10bit / 12bit output)



- Analog

0 to 24 dB

- Digital

0 to 6 dB



- Analog

RAW8bit: 0 to 31 digit, RAW12bit: 0 to 511 digit

ROI *2

ROI (Horizontal: 32 to 1920 pixels / Vertical: 32 to 1200 lines)(Default: 1920 x 1200) Adjustable Steps for offset: 2 pixels in horizontal direction and 2 lines in vertical direction Adjustable Steps for image size: 16 pixels in horizontal direction and 4 lines in vertical direction Adjustable Steps for ROI 16 Regions, 16 pixels in horizontal direction and 4 lines in vertical direction

Binning Function *3


Decimation Funtion *4

Individual x2 Horizontal, Vertical Decimation (Frame rate increases with the vertical decimation, but the frame rate does not increase with the horizontal decimation)


AE, AGC (Default AE: OFF, AGC: OFF)

White Balance

Auto, Manual, One Push (Default: Manual)

Mirror Image

Horizontal / Vertical / Horizontal and Vertical (Default: OFF)

Pixel Defect Correction

Up to 64 pixels (Default: ON)

Operational Mode *5

Free-run / Edge-preset Trigger / Pulse width trigger / Start/Stop trigger*6

User Setting Storage



USB 3.0 Super Speed (USB 3.0 Micro B)

Input / Output

Three GPIO, One Camera Hardware Reset

Power *7


- Input Voltage

+5V (typ.) (Conform to USB Standard)

- Consumption

Less than 3.0 W

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