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Component Video Or Computer Graphics Video With Audio Over Twisted Pair Transmitter
The TP45 and TP-46 are a twisted pair transmitter and receiver for component video (YUV) or computer graphics video and unbalanced stereo audio or S/PDIF audio signals. The TP 45 transmitter converts audio and video to a twisted pair signal and the TP-46 converts the twisted pair signal back into audio and video signals.

Input 1 VGA/UXGA 1Vpp/75Ω on a 15-pin HD connector; 1 component 1Vpp/75Ω (Y,Pb,Pr) on 3 RCA connectors; 1 stereo analog audio, 0dBu/50kΩ, 0.5V/75Ω, on a 3.5mm jack; 1 digital S/PDIF audio on an RCA connector
Outputs 1 CAT 5 line out on an RJ-45 connector
Video Max. Input Level VGA: 1.2Vpp on 75Ω, DC coupling; Y,Pb,Pr: 1.05Vpp on 75Ω, AC coupling
Return Loss -18dB
Video Max. Output Level VGA: 1.5Vpp on 75Ω, DC coupling; Y,Pb,Pr: 1.25Vpp on 75Ω, DC coupling
Max. Resolution WUGXA (15-pin HD) & 1080p (component)
Video S/N Ratio 60dB RMS unweighted; 69dB RMS @5MHz weighted
K-Factor 0.2% @optimal equalization
Isolation (Crosstalk) -43dB @5MHz
Max. Input Level Analog Audio 4dBu on 50kΩ, AC coupling
Max. Output Level Analog Audio 4dBu on 1kΩ, DC coupling
Audio Bandwidth 20Hz to 20kHz, @0dBu
THD Noise 0.33% @0dBu @1kHz
Max. Input Level S/PDIF 1Vpp on 75Ω, AC coupling
Max. Output Level S/PDIF 0.7Vpp on 75Ω, AC coupling
Sample rate Conversion 48kHz
Resolution Conversion 24-bits
Power Source 12V DC, 140mA
Dimensions 12cm x 7.15cm x 2.76cm (4.7" x 2.81" 1.09") W, D, H
Weight 0.3kg (0.67lbs) approx
Accessories Power supply
Options RK-3T 19" rack adapter
HDTV Compatible.Max. Resolution WUGXA (15-pin HD) & 1080p (component)
Power Connect™ System Only one unit in a system, the transmitter or the receiver needs to be connected to a power source when the devices are within 50m (150ft) of each other
System Range Up to 100m (330ft)
Cable UTP (unshielded twisted pair) or STP (shielded twisted pair) such as CAT 5
Compact Kramer TOOLS™ 3 units can be rack mounted side-by-side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK-3T rack adapter

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