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1.4-megapixel 3CCD RGB Color Camera
The AT-140CL takes 3CCD color technology to the next level. A newly developed prism-block assembly supports three 1/2-inch CCDs to provide higher resolution and better light gathering ability than earlier 3CCD camera models.

The three ICX267AL CCDs deliver 1392 x 1040 pixels of resolution per channel, while JAI's patented manufacturing process ensures alignment precision to within one quarter pixel for the best image quality in the industry.

The AT 140CL operates at 25 frames per second at full resolution, with partial scan and binning modes available for even higher frame rates. A wide range of pre-set and programmable shutter and exposure modes are provided to support diverse application requirements.

Dual Camera Link interfaces let users choose between 8, 10, or 12-bit output per channel using a Camera Link base or medium configuration, as required. With full 36-bit RGB color output possible, no progressive scan 3CCD camera offers higher color fidelity.

With its high image quality and 78 mm length, the AT140CL camera is well suited for a wide range of inspection applications within the printing industry, electronics & semiconductor manufacturing as well as for biomedical screening/classification.
1.4-megapixel 3 x 1/2" CCD progressive scan RGB color camera for vision applications
1392(h) x 1040 (v) effective pixels for each CCD (4.65 µm square)
4.65 micro m square pixels
Patented prism-block alignment process for high image fidelity
One-push white balance, programmable color matrix, and other advanced features
Compact RGB prism for C-mount lenses
Chromatic shading reduction makes lens choice wider
25.2 frames per second at full resolution
Pre-set or variable partial scan also available
Vertical binning for higher sensitivity and frame rate
24-bit RGB output via single port Camera Link base configuration
30-bit or 36-bit output via dual port Camera Link medium configuration
Linear matrix circuit with manual control or with sRGB or Adobe RGB pre-sets
Knee function available for knee-point and knee-slope settings
Edge pre-select and pulse width control trigger modes
Pre-set shutter from OFF(1/25) to 1/53000 in 12 steps
Individually programmable shutter/exposure for R, G, and B
Manual, continuous, one-push auto, or pre-set white balance
Setup by Windows 2000/XP software via RS 232C
Sensor 3 x 1/2" progressive scan CCD - ICX267AL
Pixel Clock 50 MHz
Frame rate full frame 25.21 frames/second (1040 lines per frame)
Active area 6.4 (h) x 4.8 (v) mm
Cell size 4.65 (h) x 4.65 (v) micro m
Active pixels 1392 (h) x 1040 (v)
Read-out modes, Full 1392 (h) x 1040 (v) 25.21 fps
Read-out modes, 2/3 partial scan 1392 (h) x 695 (v) 33.49 fps
Read-out modes, 1/2 partial scan 1392 (h) x 521 (v) 40.04 fps
Read-out modes, 1/4 partial scan 1392 (h) x 261 (v) 56.77 fps
Read-out modes, 1/8 partial scan 1392 (h) x 131 (v) 71.38 fps
Read-out modes, Variable partial Programmable start line & height, 1 to 1040L
Read-out modes, Vertical binning 1392 (h) x 520 (v) 40.98 fps
Sensitivity (on sensor) 1.25 Lux, max gain, 50% video
S/N ratio >50 dB. (Green ch., 0 dB gain)
Video output 3 x 8 bit RGB: single port Camera Link base; 3 x 10 bit RGB: dual port Camera Link medium; 3 x 12 bit RGB: dual port Camera Link medium
Auto-iris lens video 0.7 V p-p, 75 O NUM luminance signal w/o sync
Gain, manual Manual for all 3 colors; Master -3 to 12 dB; R and B –6 to 6 dB
Synchronization Int. X-tal
Inputs, Camera Link Ext. trigger, (LVDS)
Inputs, TTL Ext. trigger 4 Vpp ±2 V. (TTL or 75 ohm)
Outputs, Camera Link RGB 8/10/12 bit video output. D0 – D9; Pixel clock, DVAL, LVAL, FVAL and EEN (LVDS)
Outputs, TTL XEEN output 4 Vpp from 75 ohm source (TTL)
Trigger modes Continuous, Edge Pre-Select, ; Pulse Width Control, Reset Continuous
Electronic shutter, Pre-set shutter 1/25 (off) to 1/53,000 sec. in 12 steps. All or R, G, B individually
Electronic shutter, Programmable exposure 1L – 1056L in 1L (37.56 micro s) steps. All or R, G, B individually
Electronic shutter, Pulse Width Control 2L (75.12 micro s) to 53243L (2 sec.)
White balance Manual, one-push auto, continuous auto, Preset(4000K, 4600K, 5600K) Note: 7800K is Factory default setting
White balance, Tracking range -6 to 6 dB. (4000K to 9000K)
Gamma 1.0 (OFF) , 0.6, 0.45 or LUT (Look Up Table)
Knee function Knee point and knee slope for R, G, and B channel
Linear Matrix Manual for R,G and B/Preset (sRGB, Adobe RGB)
Blemish Compensation Up to 16 pixels
Functions controlled by Camera Link Trigger, shutter, scanning, readout, polarity, gain, set-up, white balance, Gamma, knee point and slope, linear matrix, blemish/shading compensation
Operating Temperature -5° C to 45° C
Humidity (operation) 20 - 80% non-condensing
Storage temp./humidity -25° C to 60° C / 20% - 80 % non-condensing
Vibration 3G (15 Hz to 200 Hz XYZ)
Shock 50 G
Regulations CE (EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3), FCC part 15 class B, RoHS
Power 12V to 24V DC ± 10%. 6.1W typical (full frame @ 12V)
Lens mount C-mount (Max 4.0 mm thread)
Dimensions (H x W x L) 55 mm x 55 mm x 78.3 mm
Weight 290 g

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