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HD-SDI Video Switcher

The Datavideo Switchers Series SE 2000 is a HD-SDI switcher that is ideal for small live production venues that use up to 5 inputs. By combining 1 or 2 DVI-D sources and 3 or 4 HD-SDI sources, any user can make the most of this flexible unit. The HD-SDI inputs may be HD cameras or small HDMI output cameras that can be used with a Datavideo DAC-9, HDMI to HD-SDI converter (not included). With Datavideo’s CG-350 software, CG (character generation) may be added to any live production via computer, through the DVI-D input. PowerPoint® presentations can also be used via the computer as a source or overlaid using the luminance key. The SE-2000’s multi-display output includes each source, preview display, program display, PIP, and a digital clock display. In addition, the system will store and recall 14 different logos. It has 5 memory settings (user-defined) and title overlay. The SE-2000's built-in audio mixer has four audio-follows-video inputs (microphone or line), and two audio outputs. Operating the SE-2000 is easy and time-efficient because every control is right on the work surface. As with all Datavideo products, the SE-2000 works on 12vDC or local power.

SE2000 Studio Kit comes with everything that the standard SE-2000 does, plus a few extra goodies to help you get up and running in no time! Included with the SE-2000 switcher is the RKM-2000 Rack, with the mounted ITC-100 Intercom System, the TLM-170H LED Monitor, and the HDR-50 Hard Drive Recorder.


Also Available:

SE2000-ITC Kit Kit includes: SE-2000 and ITC-100 for 4 users.
SE2000SK Kit includes: SE-2000, HDR-70 (w/ one 320GB HDD), ITC-100 for 4 users, CB-27, and RKM-2000 holder. 
  • 1920x1080i & 1280x720P
  • Inputs:
    4x HD-SDI and 1x DVI-D input
    or 3x HD-SDI and 2x DVI-D input
  • Outputs:
    PGM: Full HD output, HD-SDI and HD-YUV
    PVW: DVI-D
    PVW out with multiviewer image and digital clock display
  • DVI-D for power point presentation, simple title, support full HD input
  • LOGO insertion, allow up to 14 pre-store logos in up to 128 x 96 pixel resolution to be keyed
  • 4 channel input audio mixers with XLR connectors
  • Audio / video synchronization switching
  • Lumakey, real-time simple captions display
  • PIP, FRZ, Black image
  • 5 individual speed keys for instant selection with take effect
  • 5 users preset memory
  • Tally signal output
  • DC 12V input
  • 13 Transitions + border (width, soft and hard)
Resolution 1920x1080i   1280x720p
Output resolution 1080i - 720p
Processor 10 bit internal processing
Controls Five individual speed keys, T bar (work in both directions) and TAKE key
Memory Five user preset memories
Transition 13 transitions with adjustable border width
Preview Multi-image preview monitor output
Power 12V 5A DC 110/220
Included in the Box (Standard SE-2000) SE-2000 Unit, AC Power Cord, AC/DC Power Adaptor (12V DC 5A), Instruction Manual
Included in the Box (SE-2000 Studio Kit) SE-2000 Unit, AC Power Cord, AC/DC Power Adaptor (12V DC 5A), Instruction Manual, HDR-50 Hard Drive Recorder, ITC-100 Intercom System, TLM-170H Monitor, RKM-2000 Holder, CB-20 Cable
Video Connection Input 4x HD-SDI and 1x DVI-D or 3x HD-SDI and 2x DVI-D
Video Connection Output 2x HD-SDI, 1x HD-YUV & DVI (Multi-view)
Audio 4x XLR microphone or line audio inputs
Length 12.9 in. / 330 mm
Width 16.9 in. / 429 mm
Height 3.3 in. / 85 mm
Weight 8.1 lbs. / 3.7 kg
5-input HD Switcher SE-2000 accepts up to 5 inputs for HD switching
Studio Kit Available SE-2000 Studio Kit comes with additional hardware to get you up and running faster!
Pre-Stored Logos SE-2000 comes with 14 pre-stored logos (max 128 x 96) inserted via luminance key
Impressive Features SE-2000 is built with impressive features like Luminance key, PIP, Freeze Image, and Black
Usable with Tally Lights Tally signal output (live and next source)


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