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Modular Card Cage

The Nitek Modular Card Cage for 19” Rack Cabinet RK400 holds up to 10 modular cards. A wide variety of modular cards allow the rack system to be customized to the specific application. (Modular cards are sold separately).

Modular cards available include video transmission up to 12,000 feet (3,650 meters) and RS422 distribution amplifiers. In addition to providing system customization, the "plug-in" feature of the modular card cage also provides easy future expansion and serviceability. The RK400 card cage is a powered cabinet that holds 10 plug-in modules in any combination. It is intended for systems requiring active (powered) and/or passive (non-powered) receivers.

The RK400 has reversible/removable mounting brackets so it can be mounted either from the front or the back of the rack or left off entirely for desktop operation.

RK400 features include:

  • Flexible - a single rack holds any combination of the Nitek modular rack cards
  • High Density - Up to 40 video inputs per modular card cage
  • Expandable - Start with only the modules required and add more modules later.
  • Allows for easy expansion of future cameras
  • Removable mounting brackets to make it rack mount or desk mount
  • Easy to install - fits standard 19" rack cabinet
Size 5.25" (H) x 19.0" (W) x 10.0" (D)
Capacity 10 modular cards (Cards sold separately)
Power Requirements 120VAC @ 1/2 Amp
Shipping Weight 18 lbs


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