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4 Channel Crossover, Power Insertion & RS422 Distribution Card

The Nitek 4 Channel Crossover, RS422 Distribution & 24 VAC Power Insertion Module (use with CX452) CXM22 crossover insertion cards are designed for use with the CX254 or CX452 modular card cages (sold separately). These units are components of the Nitek UTPLinks video, data & power twisted pair system.

The CXM22 crossover cards are unique unshielded twisted pair (UTP) transmission products designed to operate with TIA/EIA standards-based network cabling. The cards plug into and are powered through the CX254 or CX452 modular card cages. The CX254 and CX452 are 1 RU card cages that holds up to 5 of the crossover insertion cards. The crossover system and power supply are typically located in an IDF (telecom) closet. There are three card models available and any of the three can be plugged into the card cage in any combination. Each card is designed to accommodate 4 cameras.

The primary function of each of the cards is to provide a means of interfacing copper backbone cables to horizontal cable runs and inserting voltage to the individual camera and/or P/T/Z over the horizontal run. In addition, models of the cards are available that provide RS422 distribution and/or video transceivers (see available cards - under Ordering Information). Using a single standards-compliant 4-pair UTP category 5 or better cable, video, data and power can be sent up to 100 meters to a fixed or P/T/Z camera.

CXM22 features include:

  • Three available plug-in cards provide flexibility - any combination of four Crossover cards can be used in any of the CX254 or CX452 card cage slots
  • Plug-in cards also provide future system expansion or features modification
  • Each of the cards cover 4 zones with separately fused outputs
  • One 4-pair category 5 cable can be used for video, RS422 and 24 VAC
  • Detection LEDs for power (all cards) and RS422 (CXM22 & CHM22)
  • TIA/EIA 568B compatible
Unit Modular Card
Size 1 horizontal card slot (5 slots total CX452 card cage)
Power Requirements Supplied by PS115 power supply
Twisted Pair Connection (vertical runs) (5) RJ45 connectors providing balanced low voltage current loop (Provided by CX452 card cage)
Twisted Pair Connection (horizontal runs) RJ45 connector
Temperature Range 0 degrees C to 55 degrees C
Humidity Range 0 to 98%, non-condensing
Shipping Weight 2 lbs.
Wire Spec 26 to 12 AWG Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)
DC Loop Resistance 51 Ohms/1000ft. (max) 51 ohms/300 meters (max.)
Normal Capacitance 17pF/ft.
Impedence 100 Ohms /- 20%
UTP Category 2 or better


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