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Industrial Machine Vision And Network IP Cameras
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1/1.8" CCD Firewire camera, 1624x1236, 14fps, color

The Basler A641-FC cameras have an exceptional price/performance ratio and are designed to achieve the optimum in performance, durability, and value. If you require high frame rates and exceptional image quality for industrial use, the A641 FC is the right fit. Their compact size and the ease of integration associated with their FireWire interface make A641FC cameras ideal for analog users seeking the advantages of digital video. They are a major force in the “analog goes digital ” trend. With their flexible design, A641-FC high-performance cameras are a perfect fit for a wide range of vision applications.

The A641 FC convince with an exceptionally high sensitivity that is comparable to the A102f series. Both of these cameras deliver superb images combined with a very low noise level. If you need megapixel or higher resolution for your applications, these cameras are ideal. Their performance has been proven in applications such as semiconductor and component inspection, manufacturing quality control, food and beverage inspection, microscopy and medical imaging, and many others.

FireWire, also known as IEEE 1394, has become a standard image data and camera command transmission mechanism in the machine vision industry. Its key benefit is real-time communication between your camera and remote computer at 400 Mbit/s (with FireWire-a). FireWire integration is easy, cost-effective, and standardized. It supports plug-and-play and there is no need for a frame grabber.

The A641FC let you use the 1394 bus to "trigger" image capture without the need for a hardware generated signal. In “one shot ” operating mode, the camera normally exposes and transmits a single image based on user defined parameters that are transmitted to the camera. This operating mode usually results in the start of image exposure within an acceptable amount of time. But to get an even quicker response, you can use a “software trigger ” to start grabbing a single image exactly when it is needed by your application.

The Trigger Ready feature is a Basler patented innovation. It lets you optimize your image capture timing by monitoring the current camera settings and calculating the earliest moment each exposure can begin. By using the Trigger Ready signal, you can easily operate at the maximum frame rate allowed with the current camera settings. It also prevents you from running the camera faster than allowed and avoids dropping or losing images. With A641-FC cameras, an exposure time of up to 5 seconds is possible. This lets you capture superb images even under low light conditions as is often the case in microscopy and medical imaging applications.

The A641 FC cameras can digitize each pixel in a captured image at 12 bit depth. This lets you detect even the finest details. In addition, the camera ’s remarkably low noise level provides an extraordinary signal-to-noise ratio. Images can be sent at 12 bits via the 1394 bus to a remote computer. You can use the camera ’s look up table (LUT) feature to apply “lossless compression ” to the image data, which helps you achieve the maximum possible frame rate.

The A641FC color cameras feature various modes of color coding for maximum flexibility in color representation. YUV 4:2:2 color coding is done inside of the camera and YUV image data can be obtained directly via the 1394 bus. For individual processing, each pixel value can be read out separately in raw mode at 8 or 12 bit depth and can be processed as desired in your remote computer.

→†’ A small, rugged housing with a 29 x 44 mm footprint for easy integration
→ 1.4 and 2 megapixel Sony CCD sensors with an optimal pixel size for small cameras
→ A plug-and-play FireWire interface combined with an easy-to-use Basler BCAM driver saves you time
→ Free download of our BCAM viewer
→ 100% quality checked and calibrated to give you consistent performance and reliability



Resolution 1624 x 1234
Sensor Type Sony ICX274AL/AQ, progressive scan CCD
Sensor Optical Size 1/1.8"
Pixel Size (μm) 4.4 x 4.4
Frame Rate at Full Resolution 14 fps
Mono/Color Mono
Video Output Type IEEE1394a
Video Output Format YUV 4:2:2: 16 bits/pixel; Raw 8: 8 bits/pixel (R,G, or B); Raw 16: 12 bits/pixel (R,G, or B)
Gain Control 0-25.9 dB
Synchronization Via external trigger, via the 1394 bus, or free run
Exposure Control Programmable via the 1394 bus




Housing Size (L x W x H) 75 mm x 44 mm x 29 mm
Weight ca. 110 g
Power Requirements 8-36 VDC, max. 3.2 W (at 12 VDC), provided via the 1394 cable
Mount Type C-mount
IR-Cut-Filter Stadard
Conformity CE, FCC




Camera Features Long exposure mode, freely programmable area of interest (AOI), trigger ready, look up tables (programmable), lossless compression, and many others included in Smart Features Framework (SFF)
Software BCAM Driver, SDK Package, and SFF


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