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FA/Machine Vision Large Format Lens, M42xI/P Format (P-Mount)
This large format lens has an IR corrected design with broad band coating. This LM50IR-P lens has a P-mount (M42X1). Examples of applications include: NIR Area Scan Inspections (Machine Vision) 2CCD Camera Applications (Visible NIR) Quadra-Linear (4 Lines-R, G, B, NIR) Color Line Scan Applications (Machine Vision) Day/Night License Plate Recognition (ITS)
Format Size 43.3mm
Focal Length 50mm
Iris Range F1.9-F16
Mount F-mount or P-mount
IR Corrected Design 400-1000nm
Focal Length (mm) 50
Image Format (mm) φ43.3
IR Corrected Design 400-1000nm
Iris Range F1.9~F16
Focusing Range (m) 0.5~∞
Iris Control Manual
Focus Control Manual
TV Distortion at φ43.3 -0.0054
TV Distortion at φ22.5 (1.2"Format) -0.0018
TV Distortion at φ16 (1"Format) -0.0012
Back Focal Length in air (mm) 34.6mm
Mechanical Back Focal Length in air (mm) 34.1mm
Mount F-mount
Flange Back (F-Mount) 46.5mm
Flange Back (P-Mount, M42×1) 45.5mm
Filter size (mm) M52X0.75
Size (mm) φ58.5×117.5
Weight (g) 600g (Preliminary)
Temperature Range -10℃~ 45℃

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