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Basler : RUL2098-10GC

By: Basler
Industrial Machine Vision And Network IP Cameras
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2098 pixels, 9.2kHz, Trillinear, color 2k

The Basler runner family is a line scan series that combines highquality line scan technology with Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) interface technology. Proven image quality and an easy-to-use GigE interface make the runner family a perfect solution for a wide variety of applications. With the GigE interface, it ’s simple and straightforward for the user to adapt a camera to their system, to acquire their first images, and to adjust the camera ’s parameter settings to obtain the best results for their particular application. And because a Camera Link frame grabber and cables are not needed with runner cameras, a GigE line scan bundle is a highly cost-effective solution.

The runner family ’s compact housing is designed for use in harsh industrial environments. To ensure secure connections, the Basler RUL2098 10GC includes a screwable GigE connector. The integrated heat sink on the back of the runner is a standard feature on all models. It ensures efficient heat dissipation to reduce heat induced noise.

The general purpose I/O offers a flexible way to easily synchronize the camera to an application. Using its flexible input lines, the runner can receive real-time trigger signals or can accept conveyor belt speed information from a shaft encoder. Software modules such as the Multiplier and Divider can be used to modify the incoming trigger signals and ensure that the camera is operating at the correct line speed.

The RUL209810GC outputs can be used to transfer the trigger signal to another runner camera operating in parallel. The runner ’s IO features help to simplify your integration effort by shifting much of the I/O adaptation from a hardware effort to a simple software configuration. This saves you time and money!

  • ƒ ƒ High-quality line scan technology meets a cost-effective GigE interface
  • ƒ ƒ Real color support in a compact housing size
  • ƒ ƒ Shading correction compensates for difficult lighting conditions
  • ƒ ƒ Flexible, easy integration supported by a variety of I/O features
Sensor Size 3 lines x 2098 pixels
Sensor Kodak KLI-2113 tri-linear color CCD
Pixel Size 14.0 µm x 14.0 µm, 14.0 µm pitch
Max Line Rate 9.2 kHz
Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Pixel Bit Depths Selectable 8 bit or 12 bit
Video Output Format RGB 8, RGB 12, YUV 4:2:2
Synchronization Via external signal or free run
Exposure Control Trigger width, time, or off
Housing Size (L x W x H in mm) 54.5 x 62.0 x 62.0
Lens Mounts F or V-mount
Digital I/O 3 in / 2 out or direct encoder input
Power Requirements 12 VDC ( /- 10%) 5.1 W
Weight (typical) Max. 235 g
Conformity CE, FCC, GenICam, GigE Vision, IP 30


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