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Basler : SPL4096-70KM

By: Basler
Industrial Machine Vision And Network IP Cameras
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4096 pixels, 70kHz, mono, 4k

To reach Basler ’s high goals for the sprint sensor, the positive properties of current sensor technologies were combined. The Basler SPL4096 70KM image quality of CCD sensors was combined with the high speed of CMOS to achieve a “best of both worlds ” result. The sprint development project resulted in a unique sensor design with a high QE (quantum efficiency) of up to 60%, a fill factor of 100%, and the highest SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) at low light conditions.

This means that users will see very low noise levels and unique speed levels. A maximum line rate of 140 kHz can be reached at either 2k or 4k resolution. With 8k resolution a line rate of up to 70 kHz can be reached. The fact that there is no gap between the two active lines in the sensor makes it easy to fit the SPL409670KM into both existing and new applications with no spatial artifacts.

The new Basler sprint line scan family includes models with resolutions from 2k to 4k pixels and line rates from 39 kHz to 140 kHz. That means that the Basler sprint is the fastest line scan camera on the market! These extremely high line capture rates and the resulting short integration times require very high sensitivity and a low noise level to achieve excellent image quality.

These goals were reached with a new CMOS sensor that was developed exclusively for Basler. This new dual line sensor represents the next generation of CMOS sensor technology and combines the highest speeds with outstanding sensitivity. The resulting advantages for your application include increased throughput and easier integration of your lighting system. When the dual line sensor in the Basler sprint is used to sequentially scan an object, signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity are significantly improved. A standard Camera Link interface simplifies system integration and provides reliable data transfer at very high rates.

  • Next generation CMOS dual line scan technology
  • ƒ ƒ Up to 140 kHz at 2k or 4k resolution, up to 70 kHz at 8k resolution
  • ƒ ƒ Color line scan with 70 kHz at 4k resolution
  • ƒ ƒ High sensitivity at high speed with very low noise
  • ƒ ƒ Flexible color concepts and high color fidelity
Sensor Size (pixels per line) 4096
Sensor Type Dual Line CMOS
Mono/Color Mono
Pixel Size 10.0 µm x 10.0 µm
Camera Link Pixel Clock 40/80 MHz
Data Speed 320 MHz
Max. Line Rate 70 KHz
Pixel Depths Selectable 8 bit, 10 bit, or 12 bit
Video Output Format 2/4/8
Synchronization Via external signal or free run
Exposure Control Edge-controlled, level-controlled, or programmable
Power Requirements 12 VDC ( ±10%), max 10.0 W @ 12 VDC
Lens Mounts F-mount, M42
Housing Size (L x W x H) 53.4 mm x 87.0 mm x 62.0 mm
Weight 360 g (without F-mount adapter)
Conformity CE, FCC


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