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Color Line Scan Camera

The L300 Series highlights Basler’s commitment to common sense camera design. These tri-linear cameras offer users a cost-effective way of implementing color in line scan applications. The mono versions with their three monochrome lines can be easily used as a high sensitivity line scan camera. With 3 lines x 2098 pixels per line, L301 series cameras offer an exceptional price/performance ratio. L304 series cameras offer useful new features and high resolution with 3 lines x 4080 pixels per line.

With a choice of three different integration modes as well as adjustable gain and offset, these are very flexible cameras. The Basler L301-KC cameras can be triggered via an external sync signal or operated in an internally controlled "free-run" mode. All settings can be adjusted by means of simple programming commands via a serial port. The cameras operate with a single voltage power supply and have simple cabling requirements.

The L300 series is based on tri-linear technology that offers industrial users an extremely cost effective way to implement color in their applications. Built-in spatial correction ensures superior quality color images. You can also choose monochrome versions of the L301 KC where the tri-linear technology supports sensitivity enhancement or 3D measurement.

The L301KC cameras are a perfect fit for a variety of vision applications including document scanning, print inspection, web inspection, food and forestry products inspection, tissue sample scanning, and many others.

→ An expensive matched lens is not required to capture optimum image quality, providing you with an affordable solution for color imaging
→ Use of a tri-linear sensor results in a very compact camera, reducing the space needed in your installation
→ LED indicators and test image generation capability reduce your integration time and aid troubleshooting
→ Extensive and complete factory testing ensures consistent product quality
→ An integrated spatial correction feature combines pixel data and the lines in the sensor, eliminating the need for computer resources to perform this task
→ Electronic exposure time control provides maximum flexibility
→ Simple integration into your application is ensured with a combination of new useful features and a Windows setup tool.
→ Document scanning
→ Print inspection
→ Web inspection
→ Food and forestry products inspection
→ Tissue sample scanning
→ 3-D imaging and measurements
→ Many other vision applications

Sensor Size 3 lines x 2098 pixels
Sensor Type Kodak KLI 2113 Color Tri-linear CCD
Pixel Size 14.0 µm x 14.0 µm, 14.0 µm pitch
Center-to-center Spacing Between Lines 112.0 µm
Pixel Clock 3 x 8 Bit RGB Mode 20 MHz
Pixel Clock Triple 8 Bit Mode Not applicable
Pixel Clock Dual 8 Bit Mode 40 MHz
Pixel Clock Single 8 or 10 Bit Mode 60 MHz
Max Line Rate 9.20 kHz (with spatial correction off) 8.0 kHz (with spatial correction on)
Video Output Type Camera Link (base)*
Video Output Formats Single pixel 8 bits, Single pixel 10 bits, Dual pixel 8 bits, Dual pixel 10 bits, Triple pixel 8 bits
Synchronization Via an external trigger signal or free run
Exposure Control Edge-controlled, level-controlled, or programmable
Power Requirements 12 VDC ( /- 10%) < 1% ripple Max. 5.1 W
Lens Mount F-mount
Housing Size
(L x W x H in mm)
38.1 x 62 x 62
Weight Max. 282 g
Conformity CE, FCC

* The output is RS-644 when this camera is used with an optional Basler Interface Converter (BIC)

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