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Fujinon : YV3.3X15SA-SA2

By: Fujinon
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3.3x Varifocal CCTV Lens

The Fujinon YV3.3X15SA-SA2 requisition for top quality images have been ascending with the ever improving camera pixel counts. Security cameras have developed into something more than just a blurred image, to a very precise and defined impression of subjects. The YV3.3X15SA-SA2 three megapixel vari-focal lenses to compliment their megapixel cameras, it is sure to make an impression in the CCTV industry. A high degree of optimum performance that can only come from Fujinon. AV Supply is pleased to offer this aspherical lens technology, low dispersion glass and high reflective index lens to our customers.


YV3.3X15SA-SA2 features include:

→ Vari-Focal: Variable magnification lens with manually controllable angle. It functions as if you have multiple fixed focal lenses.
→ Telephoto Long Focal: Telephoto lens with the ability to zoom.
→ DC Auto Iris: Auto iris supporting DC-controlled cameras.
→ CS Mount: Screw-in mounting commonly used in security lenses.
→ Metal Mount: Metal mounting with high accuracy and durability.
→ ND Filter: With the built-in ND filter, enables to optimize the brightness of the bright object in direct sunlight.
→ Long Cable (230mm): Cable length options provided to let you select the best-suited length for your camera.
→ Aspherical Lens: Adopts the aspheric lens technologies developed in the most advanced lenses for broadcasting.
→ Large Aperture Ratio (F1.5): Bright lenses with large aperture ratio, fully exploiting camera sensitivity.
→ RoHS Compliant

Mount CS
Focal length 15 mm - 50 mm (3.3x)
Focus Manual
Iris Range F1.5 - T360 (Equivalent to F360)
Iris Auto (DC Type) (*1)
Zoom Manual
Back Focal Distance (In Air) 7.70 mm
Exit Pupil Position (From Image Plane) -36 mm
Object Dimensions at M.O.D. 4 3 Aspect Ratio: 1/3" = 271 mm x 202 mm (Wide), 87 mm x 66 mm (Tele); 1/4" = 202 mm x 151 mm (Wide), 66 mm x 49 mm (Tele)
Object Dimensions at M.O.D. 16 9 Aspect Ratio: 1/3" = 296 mm x 165 mm (Wide), 95 mm x 54 mm (Tele); 1/4" = 220 mm x 123 mm (Wide), 72 mm x 40 mm (Tele)
Angular Field of View 4 3 Aspect Ratio: 1/3" = 18°08′ x 13°34′ (Wide), 5°35′ x 4°12′ (Tele); 1/4" = 13°34′ x 10°10′ (Wide), 4°12′ x 3°10′ (Tele)
Angular Field of View 16 9 Aspect Ratio: 1/3" = 19°46′ x 11°40′ (Wide), 6°04′ x 3°26′ (Tele); 1/4" = 14°47′ x 8°18′ (Wide), 4°34′ x 2°35′ (Tele)
Focusing Range (From Front of the Lens) ∞ - 0.8 m
Mass 60 g
Coil Resistance Drive Coil: 190 Ω; Damping Coil: 500 Ω
Current Consumption 23 mA (Max.) at DC 4V




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