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The DLA-RS4000 is the ultimate projector for discerning individuals who want uncompromised large screen performance in their home. Capable of projecting high contrast images with 4 times the resolution of Full HD, this 10 megapixel projector reproduces subtlest details of any source with color accuracy unmatched by any other projector. The DLA-RS4000 is based on the same projection engine used in advanced simulation systems and is configured especially for high end home theaters. It includes the RSVP4 custom video processing unit that handles input/output of virtually any source including 4K2K computer/gaming systems, Full HD Blu-ray, cable & satellite receivers and DVD players. The system is shipped with a choice of high quality projection lenses suitable for almost any home theater installation.
4096 x 2400 10 Megapixel (3) 1.27" D-ILA
Variable Light Output Control
Programmable RS Color Gamut
3500 ANSI Lumens Xenon Lamp
Control RS2332c / IP Addressable Command Gui / Email notification / USB Upgrade Port
Custom Output Resolution for 169 Optimization on 4K panel

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