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1:3 Composite Video & Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier

The VM-30AV is a compact distribution amplifier for composite video and unbalanced stereo audio signals. VM 30AV provides controls to compensate for signal losses inherent in long cable runs.

→ Inputs 1 Video, 1 Vpp/75Ω on an RCA Connector; 1 Audio Stereo, 1Vpp/70kΩ on RCA Connectors
→ Outputs 3 Video, 1 Vpp/75Ω on RCA Connectors; 3 Audio Stereo, 1Vpp/150Ω on RCA Connectors
→ Max. Output Level Video: 2Vpp; Audio: 5.4Vpp
→ Bandwidth (-3dB) Video: 430MHz, Audio: 100kHz
→ Diff. Gain 0.04%
→ Diff. Phase 0.07deg
→ K-Factor 0.05%
→ S/N Ratio Video: 73dB, Audio: 83dB
→ Controls Video Level: -1.1 to 1.8dB, EQ.: 0 to 4.6dB @5.8MHz; Audio Level: -66 to 16dB
→ Coupling AC
→ Audio THD Noise 0.3%
→ Audio 2nd Harmonic 0.02%
→ Power Source 12V DC, 30mA Typical
→ Dimensions 16.5cm X 12cm X 4.5cm (6.5" X 4.7" X 2.8") W, D, H
→ Weight 0.65kg (1.4lbs) Approx
→ Accessories 12V DC Power Supply, Brackets For Stacking Multiple Units
→ Options RK-1 19" Rack Adapter
→ Video on RCA Connectors Yes
→ Audio Level Control Yes
→ Gain Level (Gain) and EQ (Peaking) Controls
→ Size Compact Size. Two Units Can Be Rack Mounted Side-By-Side In A 1U Rack Space with The Optional RK-1Adapter.


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