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VGA Black & White Gigabit Ethernet Camera
The Hitachi KPF33GV is single CCD type camera which utilized the progressive scan CCD image sensor with square pixel for VGA format of 1/3-inch. By adoption of Gigabit Ethernet interface, high-speed connection of maximum of 1 Gbps can be possible. Moreover, by using hub or switcher, construction of multiple camera system can be easily performed.

The Hitachi KP F33GV offers High-speed serial interface Gigabit Ethernet is supported and direct connection is possible to PC by the diameter cable of thin as compared with parallel output. It is possible to 100m. Based on Industrial camera interface standard GigE Vision, a maximum of 1Gbps high speed data transmit is available and suitable for image processing. An external trigger signal input can be used to capture an image at desired timing for instant view or processing. The software trigger via a Gigabit Ethernet cable and the hardware trigger can deal with all trigger signals.

Imaging device 1/3-inch progressive scan interline CCD (with on-chip microlenses)
Total number of pixels 692(H) x 504(V)
No. of effective pixels 656(H) x 494(V)
Unit cell size 7.4(H) x 7.4(V) um (Square pixel)
Scanning system Progressive scan
Frame rate 90 fps (for all image format)
Sync system Internal / external
Lens mount C mount
Video signal output - Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Protocol GigE Vision compliant
Transfer rate 1 Gbit per second
Image format Mono 8/10bit
Image size 640(H) x 480(V)
External sync signal VD output: 5Vp-p plus minus 0.3V; Strobe out 5Vp-p plus minus 0.3V
Standard sensitivity 2000 lx F5.6
Electric shutter speed Auto (AES) / Manual (VARIABLE) From 10 second to approx. 1/100,000 second
External trigger shutter Mode Fixed shutter One trigger VD Sync; Input: Via Gigabit Ethernet cable (Software trigger)12-pin connector (Hardware trigger); Input level: 5Vp-p plus minus 1V
Auto Exposure (ALC Auto level control): Adjustable for video level
Gain Auto / Manual (0dB to 18dB)
Gamma OFF / ON
Sharpness Adjustable
Brightness Adjustable
Power supply DC 12V plus minus 1V
Power consumption Approx. 3.5W (DC 12V)
Operating -10 ℃ to 50 ℃ / 30 to 80 %RH
Note If operated continuously, be sure to use at less than 40 ℃(104F) for long term stable performance.
Storage -20 ℃ to 60 ℃ / 20 to 90 %RH
Vibration endurance 68.65 m/s2 or less (10 to 200Hz, 30 minutes each on XYZ axes) (Do not subject to strong vibration for long periods of time.)
Shock endurance 490.3 m/s2 or less (vertical, horizontal, once each face)
External dimensions 44(W) x 29(H) x 72(D) mm (not including lens and protrusions)
Mass Approx. 140g (without lens)
Camera remote Gigabit Ethernet control
Supplied equipment Camera CD-ROM (Operation manual / Driver soft)
Optional accessories LAN cable (Enhanced category 5 or Category 6)

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