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Fujinon : D22X9.1B-S41

By: Fujinon
Optics for Medical, Security, Industrial & Motion Picture
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22x Long Range Surveillance Zoom Lens
This Fujinon D22X9-1B-Y41 supports multiple power supply (6V, /-6V, 12V, /-12V) supported, enabling the use of existing control systems. This Fujinon lens contains built-in potentiometer, supporting the preset-enabled specification. Compatible with a wide range - 1/2", 1/3" and 1/4"-cameras.

This Fujinon D22X91BY41 had built-in ND filter of T1500, supporting super sensitive cameras.

Zoom: Zoom lens with the high performance cam adopted, which offers high quality smooth movements.
Motor Drive: Enables the lens control from remote locations.
Wide Angle: Wide angle lens which ensures wide field of view.
Telephoto Long Focal: Telephoto lens with the ability to zoom.
Video Auto Iris: Auto iris supporting video-controlled cameras.
C Mount: Screw-in mounting commonly used in FA lenses.
Metal Mount: Metal mounting with high accuracy and durability.
ND Filter: With the built-in ND filter, enables to optimize the brightness of the bright object in direct sunlight.
Wide Aperture Rate (F1.2): Lens with the wide aperature rate, optimizing the sensitivity of cameras.
RoHS Compliant.

Day/Night for 24/7 Security
Digi Power RS-232 Compatible
Aspherical Technology for sharp optical performance
3CCD Compatible with high performance capability
Broad focal Range for extreme flexibility
Fast F-Stops to enhance low light performance

There is increasing importance for surveillance in facilities such as petrochemical complexes and power plants. Fujinon has combined the zoom ratio of 60x for surveillance lenses with the focal length of 1,500 mm, the world's longest for night lenses. The small size and light weight of these lenses make them ideal for compact surveillance systems.

The first name in lenses should be your first choice in homeland security
Whether it's for Day or Night, long- or intermediate-range surveillance, or RS232 serial control, it pays to have Fujinon on your team. Our full range of zoom lenses covers the widest array of security applications in the industry. When it really can count on Fujinon.

Fujinon offers a wide range of products designed specifically to meet the extensive needs of today's surveillance market. The growing demand for long range surveillance has challenged our engineers to come up with solutions for areas where surveillance needs are paramount. Fujinon offers high performance zoom lenses that cover such applications as seaports, airports, border concerns. Fujinon has also raised the bar to offer Day/Night & RS-232 serial control for some of our high-end zoom lenses.

Fujinon Day/Night Feature
Fujinon's Day/Night zoom lens offers 24/7 surveillance working with an IR illuminator. Our Day/Night zoom lens has a selectable wave length feature making it a very flexible tool when working with an IR illuminator. Why settle for less than the best quality when 24/7 surveillance is crucial?

Fujinon Digital Solution
Fujinon has also introduced RS-232 Serial control as an additional feature to the high quality zoom lenses that they offer. RS-232 will provide flexibility for control purposes. Fujinon can supply RS-232 base Digi Power protocol for custom control program. Fujinon works to fulfill the demands for the surveillance market.
Achieved telephoto at the field angle of 1 degree 50
Multiple power supply (6V, /-6V, 12V, /-12V) supported, enabling the use of existing control systems
Built-in potentio meter, supporting the preset-enabled specification
Compatible with a wide range - 1/2", 1/3" and 1/4"-cameras
Zoom Motor Drive
Focus Motor Drive
Iris Auto (Video Type)
Focal Length (mm) 9.1 ~ 200(22x)
Iris Range F1.2 ~ T1500(Equivalent to F1500)
Back Focal Distance (in air) (mm) 24.05
Exit Pupil Position (From Image Plane) (mm) -676
Filter Thread (mm) M82 x 0.75
Remarks With Metal Mount
Focusing Range (From Front Of The Lens) (m) ∞ ~ 3
Mass (kg) 2.3
Object Dimensions at M.O.D. 1/2" = 2034 mm x 1526 mm (Wide), 93 mm x 69 mm (Tele); 1/3" = 1526 mm x 1144 mm (Wide), 69 mm x 52 mm (Tele); 1/4" = 1144 mm x 858 mm (Wide), 52 mm x 39 mm (Tele)
Angular Field of View 1/2" = 38°45' x 29°33' (Wide), 1°50' x 1°23' (Tele); 1/3" = 29°33 x 22°23' (Wide), 1°23 x 1°02' (Tele); 1/4" = 22°23' x 16°53' (Wide), 1°02' x 0°46' (Tele)

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