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Morovision : MVP-PVS7SP1

By: Morovision
Night Vision Thermal Imaging
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PVS-7 SOCOM Goggle Kit Gen 3 PINNACLE®
Morovision Night Vision proudly offers the PVS-7 Generation 3 PINNACLE® SOCOM Kit. The PVS-7 goggle is standard issue goggle type supplied to the U.S. Military and its allies. Equipped with a factory new, high-performance, ITT Generation 3 PINNACLE® image intensifier tube, the PVS-7 PINNACLE® night vision goggle is designed for the most demanding of night time applications. Battle-proven technology includes Automatic Brightness Control which automatically adjusts the brightness of the image tube to achieve the highest quality image resolution under varying light conditions as well as protect the user and the system against inadvertent exposure to excessive light. The PVS-7 SOCOM Kit includes the following accessory items in addition to the standard accessory items: IR Spot/Flood Lens, Magnetic Compass, 3x Military Magnifier Lens, PASGT Helmet Mount Assembly, Guardian IR Mockingbird™ Marker (User Programmable) and a Hard Shipping and Storage Case. System Data Sheet included.
ITT PINNACLE® Image Intensifier Tube - Thin-Filmed/Auto-Gated
High resolution 64 lp/mm (Min), high gain, and high photoresponse in visible and near infrared
Equipped with momentary or continuous IR switch
Automatic high-light cutoff
Comprehensive two-year warranty
Multifunctional Hand-held, head-mounted, helmet-mounted

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