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Platinum Series 50 MM Large Format Lens With 16 MM Sensor
Navitar's 1-16652 Platinum 50 mm large format lens for 16 mm sensor size is designed to work with the larger style CCDs to provide the ultimate in image quality, relative illumination and low light performance.

The 1 16652 Platinum 50 mm large format lens provides outstanding contrast, as well as low distortion from center to edge.Contact Navitarís engineering staff with your requirements.

Specifically designed for f/1.
Magnifications between 1/7X and 1/14X.
MTF greater than 40% contrast at 50Lp/mm.
0.1% distortion on edges.
65% relative illumination center to edge.
Wide field design for close-up imaging.
Large depth of field.
Diffraction limited.
Exceptional contrast.

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.