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Wireless IP Surveillance Solution

With a Linux-embedded system, the NUUO NVRmini platform offers the most stable, open, easy installation that is free from virus attack, and is appropriate for factories, buildings, retailers, homes, banks, hotels and city surveillance. NVRmini supports Plug and Play, 2-4 hard disks and 4-16 IP cameras from 22 different brands. Using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or above in combination with a RAID hard drive, NVRmini increases the data transfer rate and ensures continuous system operation in case of a disk drive failure. With online GUI recording schedule, instant playback, and intelligent search, monitoring becomes far more efficient. I/O devices connect all of the security equipment.

→ Streams and records live video and audio from camera
→ Embedded Linux for high stability and free from virus attack
→ Configure the system
→ Monitor live video (up to 64 channel)
→ Playback recorded video (up to 8 channel)

Available Configurations:

NE-2020-US-1T NAS-based NVR Standalone 2ch, 2bay, 1TB included, US Power Cord
NE-2020-US-2T NAS-based NVR Standalone 2ch, 2bay, 2TB included, US Power Cord
NE-2020-US-3T NAS-based NVR Standalone 2ch, 2bay, 3TB included, US Power Cord
NE-2020-US-4TS NAS-based NVR Standalone 2ch, 2bay, 4TB included, US Power Cord
NE-2020-US-6TS NAS-based NVR Standalone 2ch, 2bay, 6TB included, US Power Cord

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.