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Series Full-matrix Switcher HD component, analog video, or SDI digital video

The KNOX VIDEO RSII Series provides full-matrix switching of composite, Y/C (S-Video), HD component analog video, or SDI digital video. Active, fully buffered, high bandwidth crosspoint modules allow video to be switched simultaneously without crosstalk. A dedicated reference sync input is provided with the composite video version, allowing a source of blackburst to be connected for glitch-free switching. The RSII series is available with low noise 3-wire balanced stereo audio or RCA-style unbalanced stereo audio. With the optional volume and tone package, sound adjustments control volume, bass, treble, balance, input trim and mute. Adjust each output individually for optimal audio quality in any environment. Built-in salvo commands allow adjusting all zones at once . In addition to the standard RS232/422 serial control port, keep the system safe and secure with the standard faceplate or order the RSII with the optional Detachable Front Panel Controller. Additional control options include a built-in IP (ethernet) control for operation over a LAN or Internet. The RSII is fully compatible with third party control systems.

This Knox RSII series switchers accept up to sixteen composite, Y/C, HD component, or SDI video sources, sixteen balanced or unbalanced stereo audio sources, and connects any one of the input sources to one or more sixteen outputs with optional volume and tone control. Composite routers include a second BNC connector for looping through to another device, such as a preview monitor.

RSII features include:

  • Detachable Front Panel
  • Optional Volume and Tone Control
  • HD-SDI Switching

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