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By: Knox Video
Audio & Video Routing, Distribution & Scaling
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Series Matrix Routing Switcher
The KNOX VIDEO ChameleonMB-HB is a modular routing switcher expandable to a 256 x 128 audio or video matrix in a 9U rackframe. The matrices may be linked for full audio-follow-video routing. Audio may also be routed independently. The audio and video matrices do not need to be the same size. Matrix configurations are assembled in multiples of sixteen.

The Chameleon MB HB insertion cards are plugged into a 9U rackframe via a hinged front panel. The crosspoint matrix is controlled by a simple, yet versatile RS232 protocol. Control options include computer, front panel keypad, remote keypad or all three.

HB Video (Suitable for Composite,Y/C,Hi-Def Component, RGBHV)
Typ -6dB @ 200 MHz @ 1.0v, <-3dB @ 115 MHz
MB Video (Suitable for Composite,Y/C,Hi-Def Component)
Input Impedance 75 ohm
Output Impedance 75 ohm
DC Offset less than /-10 mV
Crosstalk less than -50 dB at 4 MHz
Connectors BNC
Input 115 VAC (105-125), 50/60 Hz
Power Supply nominal 115/230 VAC 50/60Hz, 150W
supplying /-8vdc nominal at 5A
9U rackmount chassis with hinged front panel
15.75" high x 19" wide x 10" deep
Modular Construction
30 MHz Bandwidth
Input Preview Option
Software Control
Field Expandable
Frequency response DC to 200 MHz, @ 300mv, <-3dB @ 150 MHz
Input Impedance 75 ohm
Output Impedance 75 ohm
Crosstalk all hostile Typ <-70dB @ 5MHz; Typ <-55dB @ 20MHz; Typ <-25dB @ 100MHz; one hostile: <-40dB @ 200 MHz
Connectors BNC
Frequency response /- 0.5 dB to 20 MHz, -3dB at 30 MHz
Maximum Input/Output Level /-1.4 Volts peak
Balanced Audio
Hum and Noise <-90dB
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 50 KHz /- 1/4 dB
Level 0, 4, or 16 dB, clipping at 18 dB
Impedance Bridging, or 600 ohm termination
Crosstalk < -90dB at 20 KHz
Connectors Phoenix screwtype, removable
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 30 KHz
Input level up to 2 volts p-p
Input Impedance 100 K
Output Impedance 1 K
Crosstalk <-85 dB @ 1KHz
Connectors RCA

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.