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1/3" 5mm Day & Night Infrared (IR) Lens

There is a broad spectrum of applications where the ability to monitor and identify even the smallest detail is critical. One of the factors in optimizing system performance is the selection of the proper lens for the application. The advanced optical design of the new KOWA Day & Night lens series LMVZ550A IR provides low color aberration and high definition images required for high risk installations that require state-of-the art security solutions.

Common in lenses in the broadcast industry, the 3-Cam Design is also incorporated in Kowa’s varifocal and zoom lenses. This innovative system has solved the problem of de-centering which sometimes occurs in the conventional pole system. Not only is the movement of the lens impaired by de-centering, but the optical performance suffers too. The 3-Cam Design also reduces internal reflection. As a result, the image obtained by this design is much sharper than that of the conventional pole system. With the LMVZ550AIR 3-Cam Design, the customer can expect higher optical performance and a longer service life.

Focal length (mm) 5.0~50
Image size (mm) 1/3" (dia.6)
Iris range (F-stop) F1.4~360
Focus range (mm) 0.5
Iris control DC
Focus control Manual
Angle of view (degrees) 1/3" 52.7X39.6~5.7X4.3
Back focus in air (mm) 7.6~11.5
Mount CS-Mount
Size (mm) dia. 44x52x71.8
Weight (g) 157
Temperature range -10°C~45°C


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