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Cooled Thermal Camera

TR4300 is high performance thermal imagers optimized for long-range surveillance & tracking in mobile systems or field installations. The systems make use of the third generation of high quantum efficiency InSb focal plane arrays, operating in the 3-5μm waveband, in full snap shot mode. The TR4300 incorporates a 320x256 pixels, 30 μm pitch InSb focal plane array. TR4300 is incorporate a sensitive InSb focal plane array sensor, state-of-the-art 14-bit digital electronics and motorized optics, in a compact, weatherproof housing.


Also Available:

TR4300-C300N TR4300 Camera 320x256, w/Continuous 15-300mm F/4 Lens
TR4300-C600N TR4300 Camera 320x256, w/Continuous 30-600mm F/4 Lens

TR4300 features include:

→ Bridges; Airports; Seaports; Subways
→ Military Facilities
→ Nuclear Power Plants
→ Perimeter Security
→ Industrial Applications
→ Governmental Facilities

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