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Uncooled Thermal Camera

The TR3200 in a pressurized enclosure is an effective surveillance solution, delivered in a compact package. The camera is offered with single and dual Field-of-View. The TR3200 is perfect for security and public safety applications.


Also Available:

TR3200-50N TR3200 Camera, 320x240 w/50mm F/1 Motorized Lens
TR3200-75N TR3200 Camera, 320x240 w/75mm F/1 Motorized Lens
TR3200-100N TR3200 Camera 320x240, w/100mm F/1 Motorized Lens
TR3200-C100N TR3200 Camera 320x240, w/15-100mm F/1.4 Motorized Lens
TR3200-D135N TR3200 Camera 320x240, w/2FOV 45/135, F/1.1/1.6 Mot. Lens
TR3200-150N TR3200 Camera 320x480, w/150mm F/1 Motorized Lens 21,
TR3200-C150N TR3200 Camera 320x480, w/25-150mm Zoom F/1.4 Mot. Lens
TR3200-D180N TR3200 Camera 320x240, w/2FOV 60/180mm F/1.4/1.4 Mot. Lens
TR3200-210N TR3200 Camera 320x240, w/210mm F/1.4 Motorized Lens

TR3200 features include:

→ Based on advanced VOx technology
→ High performance thermal imaging
→ Camera is nitrogen-purged & pressurized
→ Analog Video output - NTSC and PAL
→ Digital video output - optional
→ Communication link via RS-232

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