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Uncooled Dual-Vision Thermal Surveillance/Security Camera System
The DT-3000 Dual-Vision Thermal Infrared Night Vision Camera is the ultimate security product designed for short to mid-range surveillance in total darkness and extreme conditions. Cantronic's expertise in this technology provides a complete day- and night-vision solution with a full spectrum of infrared wavelength.

DT 3000 utilizes an integrated thermostat controlled heater for adverse enviromental conditions. With the state-of-the-art passive infrared thermal seeking technology the camera is perfect for short and mid-range surveillance detection.

The optional patented Illuminator technology provides superior long range illumination in total darkness. It allows security professionals identify suspicious persons and helps to evaluate a complete site and promptly deal with any situation from any location.

Dual-Vision Technology
320x240 VOx Uncooled FPA
NETD of 75mK @ f/1
Automatic adjustment of contrast and brightness
Long operating life
Robust and durable for harsh enviroments
15-bit DSP Technology CCD Visual Camera
Superb sensitivity
540TVL resolution
XF-Dynamic for unsurpassed wide dynamic range
Focal Plane Array VOx microbolometer
Number of Pixels 320 x 240
Spectral Range 8-14 µm
pitch 23.5 µm
optics (motorized) 50mm, 100mm
horizontal field of view 10.3 degrees, 5.2 degrees
vertical field of view 7.8 degrees, 3.9 degrees
detection range human 900m, 1700m
detection range NATO target(2.3m x 2.3m) 2000m, 4100m
F Number f/1.0
NETD <75mK @ f/1, 30Hz
video output PAL or NTSC
digital video output Ethernet
system control RS232
power supply 12V DC
power consumption < 6W
environmental qualification MIL-STD 810E
type 1/2-inch digital CCD
technology 15-bit DSP
resolution (H x V) 752 x 582 (PAL)/ 768 x 492 (NTSC)
horizontal resolution 540TVL
signal to noise ratio >50dB
min. illumination 0.18 lux/ 0.024 lux (monochrome mode)
sensitivity(full video) 1.4 lux
auto black/ noise reduction on, off selectable
range 32x dynamic range enhancement
white balance ATW(2500-10000K), AWB hold, manual WB selectable
lens 7.5-120mm motorized, 10-300mm motorized
angle of view (H x V) 47.0°-3.1° x 35.4°-2.4° , 35.5° - 1.25° x 26.8° - 0.94°
zoom 16x continuous, 30x continuous
input voltage 120VAC, 60Hz - 230VAC, 50Hz
PTZ pan range 0-355 degrees
Pan speed 6°/sec
PTZ tilt range -90° to 90°
tilt speed 3°/sec
braking mechanical
preset positioning optional
environment Indoor/outdoor
operating temperature -20°C to 50°C
storage temperature -25°C to 70°C
power input 110VAC or 220VAC
weight w/o illuminators ~34kg
weight with illuminators ~38kg
dimension w/o illuminators (DxHxW) 554 x 557 x 480mm
dimension with illuminators (DxHxW) 554 x 557 x 640mm
enclosure standard IP54
This unique combination of night vision power is Cantronic's solution to increase need for security and homeland protection at a broad Range of facilities and infrastructure such as1. Bridges, Airports, Seaports, Subways
2. Military Facilities
3. Nuclear Power Plants
4. Perimeter Security
5. Industrial Applications
6. Govermental Facilities
7. Homeland defense
8. Border patrol
9. Commercial Facilities

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