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Infrared Imaging & Commercial Vision Systems
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Long Range Infrared Illuminators
The CSI-IR illuminator series is designed to produce clear night vision images for surveillance. Cantronic's proprietary design provides evenly distributed illumination, with viewing distances of over 200 meters (660 feet). CSI-IR Illuminators also feature the advantage of low power consumption, using only 3W - 50W. The illuminators are weather-resistant and come in 850nm versions. Please see the Specification Table below for 940nm versions. Cantronic offers a high-performance illuminator, delivering the farthest viewing distance and longest life of any infrared illuminator available on today’s market. The CSI-IR series of illuminators may be purchased separately, or as part of a complete infrared CCTV camera system. They can also be retrofitted to existing CCTV cameras.
Illumination distance range 12m (40 ft) - 200m (660 ft)
Low power usage of 3W - 50W
Lightweight, rugged, weather-resistant housing
Long lifespan of 10,000 hours
Available in 850nm and some models in 940nm
No infrared glare

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.