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15-pin HD To 5 BNC Bi-directional Format Converter

The VP1 is a high-performance passive format converter for all RGBHV and 15-pin HD connector applications. The VP1 converts 15-pin HD computer graphics video signals to five BNC RGBHV signals and vice versa.

→ HDTV Compatible
→ ID Bit Control

→ Input VGA/UXGA on a 15-pin HD (F) connector or RGBHV on BNC connectors
→ Outputs RGBHV on BNC connectors or VGA/UXGA on a 15-pin HD connector
→ Max. Output Level 4Vpp/75Ω
→ Bandwidth (-3dB) 1800MHz (1.8GHz)
→ Controls ID bit on/off
→ Dimensions 9.9cm x 4.65cm x 2.41cm (3.9" x 1.8" x 0.95") W, D, H
→ Weight 0.2kg (0.44lbs) approx
→ Compact Kramer TOOLS™ Part of the Kramer TOOLS™ family of compact, high-quality and cost-effective solutions


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