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1/3" 2.3mm Fixed Focal DC Auto Iris Lens

Kowa has over 50 years of production technology. The Kowa Fixed Focal Auto Iris (DC) Series LM2.3PB experience is reflected in the development and design of our LM2.3PB CCTV lens.

Focal length f=2.3mm
Max. diameter (ratio) F=1:1.4~16~close
Picture Size 3.6x4.8mm
Vertical Angle 87.4°
Horizontal Angle 116.1°
Diameter Angle 143.2°
Distortion (TV) -21.9%
Shooting range at M.O.D. 398mm
Shooting range at M.O.D. 664.8mm
Shooting range at M.O.D. 1236.8mm
Minimum focus distance 0.2m
Flange back 12.5mm in air
Back focus 8.30mm in air
Filter screw size ---
Front/rear effective dia. front 23.4mm rear 8.7m
Mount cs-mount
Exit pupil 256.4
Temperature range -10~ 45°C
Storage temperature range -40~ 60M.O.D.
Resolution center/corner center 100LP/mm corner 40LP/mm
Stopper strength More than 10Kgfxcm
Endurance test iris=10,000 times focus=5,000 times
Operating torque Focus: 100~1000gfxcm
Weight 80g
Driving coil resistance 190 (20°C)
Driving coil color red, black (red open)
Dumping coil resistance 1150 (20°C)
Dumping coil color yellow, green (yellow open)
Driving voltage to open less than 4V
Driving voltage to close more than )V (w/close spring)


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