Silicon Video Frame Grabbers, Up To 4 Cameras

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The EPIX Silicon Video Frame Grabbers PIXCI-SI4 frame grabber supports 1 to 4 SILICON VIDEO cameras. Cameras may be identical or mixed, and can operate simultaneously or independently. The PIXCI SI4 can expose four cameras from one trigger or can use 4 triggers for 4 cameras.

The PIXCISI4 is a plug-n-play frame grabber requiring no hardware setup or adjustment. Load the software, install the board, connect the cameras, and begin to capture images.

The XCAP imaging program provides interactive display windows and controls for multiple cameras. If the cameras are all the same model, XCAP can allow control of all cameras from a single common control dialog. The XCAP-Std program allows simultaneous use of the PIXCI SI4 with other EPIX frame grabbers supporting different camera models. XCAP-Std offers video-to-disk capture, subject to the performance of the host computers RAID array.

Programmers libraries (XCLIB) and image processing subroutines (PXIPL) are available from EPIX, Inc. for solving the most difficult particle tracking, machine vision measurement, inspection, image sequence analysis, and flow analysis tasks. Third party software is also available.

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