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Custom Cameras

The SV035C camera features a very small size and NTSC or PAL analog video output over RG-179 coax. The SV035C uses a high performance Aptina MT9V135 image sensor with a 640H by 480V pixel array to generate images at 30 fps 720H by 480V (NTSC), or 25 fps 720H by 576V (PAL). A rolling shutter provides integration from 16 microseconds to 33 milliseconds (NTSC) or to 40 milliseconds (PAL). Five to twelve volt DC power and I2C control signals for the camera are sent over a twisted pair cable to the camera via a rear Molex connector. The SV035C uses a plastic front case for light weight and an aluminum back cover. The case is 0.80 inches long (not including the M12 lens), by 1.05 inches wide and 0.80 inches high (20.31mm L x 26.62mm W x 20.36mm H). Two 1.6 mm screws may be used for mounting the camera. An aluminum front case is in development. The SV035C was developed as a compact camera for use with a PIXCI SV5 frame grabber or other video equipment. Other versions of the SV035C can be created for OEM imaging requirements.

→ 1/4-inch (4:3)
→ 3.63mm(H) x 2.78mm(V) 4.57mm Diagonal
→ 640H x 480V
→ 720H x 486V
→ 720H x 576V
→ 5.6µm x 5.6µm

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