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SWIR Hyperspectral Lenses
Navitar's SWIR-12 fixed focal length SWIR Hyperspectral lenses are specifically designed for SWIR (short wave infrared) cameras and applications. Lenses are available in 25mm, 35mm and 50mm focal lengths.

These SWIR 12 lenses are ideal for a variety of imaging applications where SWIR cameras are employed such as perimeter surveillance, food sorting, toll-way monitoring, border and port security, quality control or aerial imaging.

Similiar Models:
SWIR-8: 8mm F/1.4 1" SWIR format megapixed, locking screws
SWIR-16: 16mm F/1.4 1" SWIR format megapixed, locking screws
SWIR-25: 25mm F/1.4 1" SWIR format megapixel locking screws
SWIR-35: 35mm F/1.4 1" SWIR format megapixel, locking screws
SWIR-50: 50mm F/1.4 1" SWIR format megapixel, locking screws
Specially coated for optimized imaging in the SWIR wavelength.
Constructed for rugged environments.
Standard thumb screws for locking focus and iris functions.
Designed to cover 1" (16 mm diagonal) sensors.
Offers high resolution images and transmission in the 700nm - 1900nm wavelength of 75% or better.
Focal Length (mm) 12.5
F-Stop Iris Range 1.4-16
Iris Control Manual*
Focus Control Manual*
Object Area (mm) at M.O.D. (HxV); 1" 316 x 233
Object Area (mm) at M.O.D. (HxV); 2/3" 213 x 158
Object Area (mm) at M.O.D. (HxV); 1/2" 165 x 123
Focusing Range (meters) 0.3 - inf.
Mount Type C

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