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Pentax Cosmicar - C52915K (RICOH FL-YKL3528) View Larger Image (in new window)

Pentax Cosmicar : C52915K (RICOH FL-YKL3528)

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The Pentax C52915K (YK3528) features Ultra-High Resolution.High Contrast, Abundant Light Distribution, Minimized distortion and Reliable Lock Mechanism.

Inspection of steel, pulp, fibre/textile, film and other flat materials.

→ Ultra-high resolution, high contrast
→ Suitable for sensors up to 45mm
→ Abundant light distribution
→ Minimal distortion
→ Lockable focus & iris rings

Format Size 45mm Image Circle
Focal Length 35.0mm
Max. Aperture Ratio 1:2.8
Iris Range 2.8~22
Mount K
Field of View 4,096 x 7μm 57mm(Magnification : 0.5x)
Field of View 7,450 x 4.7μm 70mm(Magnification : 0.5x)
Field of View 4,096 x 10μm 81mm(Magnification : 0.5x)
Working Distance 190mm
Back Focal Length 33.22mm
Filter Size 62 P=0.75mm
Dimensions φ72x57.8mm
Min.~Max. Magnification ∞~0.5X
Weight 440g
Remarks Focus: Lock Screw, Iris: Click-Stop, Not for Photographic Cameras

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