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MVS Video Image Marker-Measurement System With Hardness Measurement
The Boeckeler VIA 200 is a video image marker-measurement system with MVS Multiple-Video Standard. The VIA200 provides immediate compatibility with RGB, Y/C (S-Video), or composite video sources and displays with no plug-in color interface required.

Immediate compatibility with RGB, Y/C (S-Video), or composite video sources and displays (no plug-in color interface required).
CE certified for both NTSC and PAL models.
Measures the horizontal (X) dimension, vertical (Y) dimension, horizontal-vertical (XY) dimension, and diagonals (point-to point).
Measures hardness indentations and displays a Knoop X, Knoop Y, Vickers, or Brinell hardness value. Approximate conversion to Rockwell B or C can be displayed.
Calculates the angle when operators place two or more points to define each leg of an angle, even when the vertex is not in view.
Measures the radius and circumference of a circle when operators place three or more points along the perimeter of a circular image. Users can turn on or off a graphic display of the circle as it is being measured.
Statistics mode displays mean, standard deviation, low reading, high reading, and range for X, Y, XY, point-to-point, angle, radius, circumference, area measurements, and hardness values. Up to 500 values can be stored.
Security Menu allows for marker overlay protect and calibration protect. With this protection enabled, only a password holder can alter marker overlays or calibrations.
Type text to label the video image. The text can be positioned anywhere in upper and lower case characters.
Crosslines can be displayed in one of 10 different line patterns. Crosslines can also have an open or closed intersection and can be auto-centered.
Align mode allows users to move multiple markers in unison to use as a go/no go gage.
Freehand draw or write over the video image in choice of three different line thicknesses with an optional light pen, mouse pen, or mouse.
Displays path length of freehand drawing as drawing takes place with optional light pen, mouse pen, or mouse.
Calculates the area of a cell or shape when operators define the cell or shape.
Up to 10 different calibrations may be stored for future use. Measures the long and short chords of a cell or object when operators indicate the extremes of the perimeter.
Offers a counting mode. Operators tag each cell or particle to be counted. Up to 10 different categories can be marked.
10 different pointers including arrows, standard cross hairs, a target circle, a small circle, a target box, and a small box.
A timer may be started and stopped to track events on the screen.
A sizeable and positionable reference circle, box, or scale can be created for a quick comparison of objects to a standard.
Sizeable grids can overlay the video image to assist in counting.
The current date and time may be displayed anywhere on the image.
Horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines may be positioned in one of three different line thicknesses.
Stores up to 10 pages of marker overlays from simple to complex.
Measures elapsed time simultaneously with X, Y, XY, and point-to-point measurement, or independent of measurements.
RS-232 output so that users can transmit ASCII data of measurements and statistics to printers or computers.
Markers and measurement lines may be displayed in up to three different colors or shades for optimal contrast with the video image.
On-screen display of marker position and marker size.
Hide or show markers at the touch of a key to instantly view the video image alone or with the markers.
On-screen help.
A brief demonstration of features can be activated to give a quick overview while training others.
Video Input /Output The VIA-200 is compatible with NTSC video @ 15.734 kHz. The VIA-200C is compatible with PAL video @ 15.675 kHz.
Composite (BNC x 1) 1.0V p-p, 75ohms, sync negative.
Y/C (4-pin mini-din) Y: 1.0Vp-p, 75ohms; C: 0.286Vp-p (burst), 75ohms.
RGB (BNC x 3) 0.7Vp-p, 75ohms.
Sync (BNC x 1) Composite sync; horizontal 0.1 to 4.0Vp-p, 2200ohms; vertical TTL level.
Overlay Contrast Range Black to White
Resolution 1024 (H) x 482 (V) for VIA-200; 1024 (H) x 574 (V) for VIA-200C.
Stability Reticle line placement accurate to one line of video (horizontal), vertical phased locked to camera for stability
Measurement Data Output Through RS-232 port (ASCII data)
Ambient Temp. 0 C to 55 C
Power Supply 110/220 VAC, 0.5 AMP (60 Hz)
Dimensions 16.75" (W) x 3.5" (H) x 14.25" (D) - or - 425.5 mm (W) x 66.0 mm (H) x 362.0 mm (D)
Approximate Weight 7.32 lbs, or 3.32 kg.
Warranty 1 year parts and labor

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