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Video Image Marker-Measurement System
The VIA 150 is the first Boeckeler product to combine marking and measuring features. Markers include lines (solid, dashed or dotted), 10 different pointers such as arrows and cross hairs, vertical and horizontal scales, boxes, circles, alphanumeric labels, grids (solid or dotted; horizontal, vertical or crossed) and a positionable date/time label. The VIA150 also offers the ability to measure angles and circles.

With the VIA-150, operators can measure the horizontal (X) dimension, Up to 10 different marker overlays and 10 different calibrations may be RS-232 output so that users can transmit ASCII data of measurements to Available with a joystick or knob controller.
Lines horizontal, vertical, or crossed lines may be displayed as solid, Pointers ten different pointers may be selected and freely positioned on Scales horizontal or vertical scales may be sized and placed on Boxes rectangles may be sized and drawn with solid or dotted lines.
Circles circles and ellipses may be sized and drawn with solid lines Labels alphanumeric labels of up to 30 characters per line may be Grids grids made up of solid or dotted lines may be structured in Clock active clock with date, time or both may be placed anywhere On screen display of marker width and height as users size the box, circle, On screen display of marker position.
Easy adjustment of gray level or color of markers for optimal contrast with On screen menus for easy set up.
Nonvolatile memory stores set up information.
Battery backed up memory allows many different markers to be combined Separate X-axis and Y-axis calibration ensures accuracy even for diagonal RS-232-C data output transmits ASCII measurement data to printers or Quick “compare” feature saves time for go/no go comparison.
Ability to change the gray level or color of measuring lines for optimum Ten calibrations may be set up and stored for multiple measurements. Nonvolatile memory stores and recalls all calibrations even after the unit Horizontal, X Operators move two vertical lines to each edge of an Vertical, Y Operators move two horizontal lines to the top and 2-dimensional, X-Y Operators position two horizontal and two vertical Point-To-Point, P-P Operators place two cross hairs at points to be 4 Pt. Angle Operators place four points to define two intersecting 3 Pt. Circle Operators place three points along the perimeter of The ability to view the camera image alone without a graphic overlay. The ability to select solid or broken measuring lines to aid in differentiating
Weight 5 lbs.

vertical (Y) dimension, horizontal-vertical (XY) dimensions, diagonals (point-to-point), angles and circles.
stored for future retrieval.
printers or computers.
dashed or dotted lines.
the screen.
screen for reference.
displayed on the screen.
vertical, horizontal, or crossed line patterns.
on the screen.
scale or grid markers.
thevideo image (colors will be displayed only if an optional VIA-RGB or VIA-Y/Cinterface is being used.
andstored in ten different overlays, each of which can be recalled even after the unithas been powered down.
contrastwith the video image.
Each setup is labelled and accessible from the working screen.
hasbeen powered down.
object. Measurement is displayed on screen.
bottom edge of an object. Measurement is displayedon screen.
linesat the edges of an object. X and Y measurements aredisplayed on screen.
measured on the object. The distance between thetwo points is displayed on the screen.
lines. The degree of the angle formed by the intersectinglines is displayed on the screen, whether or not thevertex of the angle is apparent.
a circular image. The radius and circumference of thecircle are displayed on the screen, even when only partof the circle is in the field of view.
Operatorsmay also choose between viewing the image with measuring lines only or withmeasuring lines and markers.
measuring lines from the camera image or from the markers.

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