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Monochromatic 10 Megapixel Camera

The EPIX Silicon Video Camera SV 10C6 color, or SV 10M6 monochrome camera, offers 10 megapixel progressive scan capture in an active programmable array resolution of 3840H x 2764V pixels. The camera offers windowing, column and row skip modes, snapshot mode, and 12 bit dynamic range. The Electronic Rolling Shutter (ERS) provides maximum frame rates. See the table under Specifications for example frame rates at different resolutions and pixel clock frequencies.

Additional camera features include low noise digital signaling, small size, several interface cable options, the availability of extensive processing, measurement and analysis capabilities, and low cost. XCAP software provides convenient control of all camera operations. The SV-10C6 and SV-10M6 cameras offer asynchronous capture to acquire an image (or images) in response to a trigger signal. The cameras have a strobe output signal to synchronize an LED strobe.

A single RJ45 cable connects the camera head to a PIXCI frame grabber. The cable carries power, camera control signals, programmable pixel clock, and video to the camera. No separate power supply or power cable required.Multiple cabling options are available, see the SILICON VIDEO Cable page for more details.The SV10C6/M6 cameras are supported by 4 different PIXCI SI series frame grabbers allowing use on either the PCI or PCIe bus. The PIXCI SI supports one camera in a 32 bit PCI slot. The PIXCI SI1 and SI2 frame grabbers support one or two cameras in a PCIe x1 slot. The PIXCI SI4 supports 4 cameras on a PCIe x4 or wider slot.

The XCAP-Lite sofware included with a PIXCI frame grabber has a Capture & Adjust Dialog for selecting pixel clock frequency, integration/exposure time, capture resolution, trigger control, and more. The SV10C6 color camera dialog provides automatic white balance, manual adjustment of Red, Green, and Blue gain, and extensive color balance controls. SILICON VIDEO SV10C6 and 10M6 cameras will capture continuously, at various resolutions and frame rates. XCAP-Lite will capture for 1.4 seconds at 3840 x 2160 resolution, 8 bits per pixel, 5.4 fps. Images must be saved individually. XCAP-Lite is included with the PIXCI SI series frame grabbers. The XCAP-Ltd program captures and saves sequences for 3 minutes into 8 GBytes of available memory (computer must have approximately 12 GBytes of installed memory). The XCAP-Std imaging program offers video to disk capture, which can allow continous capture for hours depending on the capacity of the computers storage system.

The optional XCAP-Std imaging program enables video-to-disk capture, potentially for several hours. Requires a host computer with two 7200 rpm hard drives configured as RAID 0. EPIX offers complete imaging systems, designed to your specifications, guaranteed to capture uncompressed video to disk without dropping frames. The Type-MX VideoModule ruggedized enclosure system from Tectivity, Inc. is available for SILICON VIDEO cameras.

Optical Format 1/2.3-inch
Active Image Size 6.41mm(H) x 4.62mm(V)
Full Resolution 3840H x 2764V
Pixel Size 1.67µm x 1.67µm
Color Filter Array Monochrome or Color RGB Bayer Pattern
Shutter Type Electronic Rolling Shutter
Pixel Clock 25 - 64 MHz
Frame Rate 6.2 fps @ 70MHz (3840H x 2764V resolution)
ADC Resolution 12-bit
Responsivity 0.31 Volts/Lux-sec (550nm)
Dynamic Range 65.2dB Linear
Supply Voltage 5 to 12 Volts
Power Consumption < 638 mWatt at maximum data rate
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C
Camera Dimensions 2.50" L x 1.65" H x 0.81" D
Weight 1.4oz / 39 Grams


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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.