ExpressCard - Notebook Camera Link Frame Grabber

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The EPIX Camera Link for ExpressCard PIXCI-EC1 frame grabber supports all Full, Medium, and Base configuration Camera Link cameras with bandwidth requirements of 191 Megabytes (1528 Mbits) per second or less. Compatible with ExpressCard, the mobile PCI Express interface for notebook computers, the PIXCI® EC1 offers dedicated support to more than 70 of the newest, most advanced, highest bandwidth machine vision cameras.

The PIXCI EC1 is a plug-n-play frame grabber requiring no hardware setup or adjustment. Install the board, load the software, connect the camera, and capture images. Upon startup, the XCAP imaging program reads a camera identification chip on the PIXCI EC1 frame grabber, allowing XCAP to load the appropriate video format and display the camera's dedicated Capture & Adjust Dialog.

The XCAP imaging program offers video-to-disk capture subject to the performance of the notebook's hard drive. Capture 1600 x 1200 Bayer pattern color images, 14 frames per second, 8 bits per pixel, directly to notebook hard drive for 2 hours!

Interfaces to almost any camera link camera. The PIXCIEC1 frame grabber requires a computer with an ExpressCard/54 slot. Few cameras exceed the frame grabber's 191 megabyte per second sustained data rate. Support for base camera link cameras in a notebook is available with the PIXCI® ECB1. Support for higher bandwidth camera link cameras is available with the PIXCI® E4 frame grabber in a desktop computer with a x4 PCI Express bus. The PIXCI E4 interfaces to cameras with a bandwidth requirement up to 700 Megabytes (5600 Mbits) per second.

→ Full, Medium & Base Configuration
→ Camera Link Frame Grabber
→ ExpressCard Compatible
→ 250 Megabyte/sec Burst Transfers
→ Line Scan or Area Scan
→ Camera Frame Rate Sequence Capture
→ Triggered Image Sequence Capture
→ 64-Bit Memory Addressing
→ Camera Integration & Async Reset Control
→ Integration From Microseconds to Minutes
→ Images Stored in Motherboard Memory or directly to hard drive
→ Windows & Linux, 32 & 64-bit Compatible
→ RoHS Compliant
→ 191 megabytes per second, sustained, data transfer rate to laptop. Faster notebooks may provide up to 204 megabytes per second, sustained, data rates. Burst transfers at 250 megabytes per second.
→ Camera specific controls - exposure, bit depth, gain, frame rate, etc.
→ Camera operation in free-run mode for maximum frame rate capture.
→ Camera operation in control (trigger) mode.

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