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2/3" 8.5mm Focal 10MP JC10M Series Machine Vision & Factory Automation Lens

The Kowa LM8JC10M 2/3" 10 megapixel lens series provides 200lp/mm resolution and low distortion in order to maximize performance for high-end applications. Incorporating Kowa's broadband coating and floating mechanism design, the LM8JC10M  lens greatly reduces chromatic aberration at any distance and maintain a high transmission from visible to NIR.

Floating Mechanism Design
Kowa's floating mechanism design virtually eliminates optical abberations from close distance to infinity

XD Extra Low Dispersion
Kowa's wide-band multi-coating effectively reduces glare and refraction

Low Distortion
High precision aspherical lens greatly reduces distortion and produces a high definition picture

200lp/mm Resolution and Low Distortion
200lp/mm resolution and low distortion will maximize performance for high-end applications

High Transmission from visible to NIR
JC10M Series incorporates wide-band coating and a floating mechanism design to maintain a high transmission from visible to NIR 

Easy Installation
Short minimum object distance and compact design using aspherical lenses (5 models/F-5 ~ 25mm) will allow for easy installation in compact machine vision systems

→  Floating Mechanism Design
→  XD Extra Low Dispersion
→  Low Distortion
→  High Resolution
→  Clear Resolution at Center and Corner
→  High Performance and Compact
→  Metal Body with Locking Screws
→  Aspherical Lens
→  Metal Housing
→  Fixed Focal Lens

Specifications for the LM8JC10M Lens
Focal Length 8mm
Focal Length Sort Order 008
Lens Type Fixed Focal Length
Image Size 2/3" (8.8 x 6.6 x 11mm)
Iris Range (F-Stop) F1.8 - 22
Angle of View 1/2" (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 40.8 x 31.2 x 49.7°
Angle of View 1/1.8" (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 45.3 x 34.8 x 55.0°
Angle of View 2/3" (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 54.0 x 41.9 x 64.6°
Minimum Object Focus Distance (1/2") (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 96.5 x 72.2 x 121.0mm
Minimum Object Focus Distance (1/1.8") (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 108.7 x 81.3 x 136.3mm
Minimum Object Focus Distance (2/3") (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 133.2 x 99.6 x 166.5mm
Focusing Range 0.1m
Flange Back 17.526mm in air
Back Focus 12.1mm in air
Filter Thread Size M34x0.5
Front/Rear Effective Diameter Front Φ26.7mm / Rear Φ13.1mm
Mount C-mount
Exit Pupil Location -128.2mm
Temperature Range -10°C ~ +50°C
Storage Temperature Range -20°C ~ +60°C
Resolution: Center/Corner Center 200lp/mm / Corner 140lp/mm
Weight 115g

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.