DV-IP NV1 Enc/Dec/Video Server

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Dedicated Micros : DM/DVIP/NV1/A

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The Dedicated Micros DM/DVIP/NV1/A allows it to be used as an analogue encoder, 3rd party IP camera recoder or a fully fledged, enterprise class video server with up to 8 channels in a mixture of analogue and IP inputs. In addition with a HD monitor output the unit can display megapixel and HD CCTV camera sources

DM/DVIP/NV1/A features include:

  • Versatile video server
  • Compatible with any video input; analogue, IP or megapixel
  • Encode inputs into simultaneous multiple streams of MPEG4, H.264 and MJPEG
  • Recoding 3rd party IP cameras for data analysis, alarms and analytics
  • Decoder capability for viewing remote video Integrated Camera Recording (ICR) capability
  • Real-time recording per camera
  • PoE capability removes the need for a dedicated power source
  • Forms part of a Closed IPTV system - easy to install, safe and secure IP video solution - when used with a Layer 3 Enhanced CCTV Switch
  • Multicasting – push any video stream onto a network for viewing by multiple users
  • HDMI Main monitor output for high definition display
  • Dual ethernet connections
  • AnalyticsCapable
  • On-screen telemetry control with Point&Go and Absolute Positioning
  • Text support - capture text and embed till, ATM or analytics data with video
  • Serial and IP Telemetry Control
  • MultiMode Recording
  • TransCoding - High quality recording and simultaneous video transmission using MPEG4, JPEG or H.264 for playback
  • Per camera Polymorphic streams change resolution, bit rate and compression mid stream
  • Embedded Operating System

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.