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Fixed Network Radiometric Camera

The FLIR FC-324 R Series thermal imaging camera delivers accurate, non-contact temperature measurement and is an ideal solution for fire detection, safety, and thermal monitoring of substations, waste disposal, and valuable equipment. Combined with state-of-the-art image detail and on-board video analytics, the FC-Series R also delivers optimal intrusion detection and visual alarm verification in challenging imaging environments. The FC-Series R offers flexible alarming options by email, web and mobile apps, edge image storage, digital outputs, or VMS event notifications.


Radiometric FC-324 FC-324 R - 19 MM, NTSC 427-0085-41-00
Radiometric FC-324 FC-324 R - 19 MM, NTSC, 7.5HZ   427-0085-41-00S

Thermal Camera Specifications

Array Format (NTSC) 320 × 240 640 × 480
Detector Type Long-Life, Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Effective Resolution 76,800 307,200
Pixel Pitch 25 μm 17 µm
Field of View 34° × 28° (FC-334R; 13 mm)
24° × 19° (FC-324R; 19 mm)
45° × 37° (FC-645R; 13 mm)
32° × 26° (FC-632R; 19 mm)
Zoom Continuous E-zoom, up to 4X
Spectral Range 7.5 μm to 13.5 μm
Focus Range Athermalized, Focus-Free

Temperature Measurement

Measurement Range -10°C to 110°C
Measurement Accuracy +/-5°C or 5% of reading


Composite Video NTSC or PAL Yes; Hybrid system with IP & Analog video
Video over Ethernet Two independent channels of H.264, MPEG-4 & M-JPEG
Streaming Resolution D1: 720x576, 4CIF: 704x576, Native: 640x512, Q-Native: 320x256, CIF: 352x288, QCIF: 176x144


Ethernet Yes
External Analytics Compatible Yes
Network APIs Nexus SDK for comprehensive system control and integration
Nexus CGI for http command interfaces
ONVIF Profile S


Weight 4.0 lb (1.8 kg) w/o sun shield
4.8 lb (2.2 kg) with sun shield
Dimensions (L, W, H) 9.2" x 4.6" x 4.1" w/o sun shield
10.8" x 5.4" x 4.4" with sun shield
Input Voltage
(Consult product manuals for feature/ power requirements)
11-44 VDC (no lens heaters)
16-44 VDC (w/lens heaters)
14-32 VAC (no lens heaters)
16-32 VAC (w/lens heaters)
PoE (IEEE 802.3af-2003)
PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at-2009)
Power Consumption
(Consult product manuals for details of power requirements)
24 VDC
5 W nominal
21 W peak (w/heaters)
24 VAC
8 VA nominal
29 VA peak (w/heaters)
Approvals FCC Part15, Subpart B, Class B
CE: EN 55022 Class B
Surge Immunity on AC Power Lines EN 55024: 2010 and 55022: 2010 to 4.0kV on AC aux power lines
Surge Immunity on Signal Lines EN 55024: 2010 and 55022: 2010 to 4.0kV


IP Rating IP66 & IP67
Operating Temperature Range -50°C to 70°C (continuous operation)
-40°C to 70°C (cold start)
Storage Temperature Range -55°C to 85°C
Humidity 0-95% relative
Shock MIL-STD-810F “Transportation”
Vibe IEC 60068-2-27

Image Optimization Features

Thermal AGC Modes Auto AGC, Manual AGC, Plateau Equalization AGC, Linear AGC, Auto Dynamic Detail Enhancement (DDE), Max Gain Setting
Thermal AGC Region of Interest (ROI) Default, Presets and User definable to insure optimal image quality on subjects of interest
Image Uniformity Optimization Automatic Flat Field Correction (FFC) Thermal and Temporal Triggers

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