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1/1.7" 1.2mm 4K Fisheye IR Board Lens (S Mount)

The Computar E1222KRY is a 1.2mm IR-corrected S Mount fisheye lens, designed for use with 4K 1/1.7" sensors. This M12/S-Mount Lens is a board level fixed lens. 

Also Available:

Computar E1628KRY 1/1.7" 1.65mm 4K Fisheye IR Board Lens (S Mount)


1/1.7" Format

1.2mm Fixed Lens

4K Fisheye (over 8 MP)

True Day/Night

Stereo Graphic Projection (Panomorph Optics)

ImmerVison Enables compatible

IR Corrected

M12 (S Mount)


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