SD Advanced Hybrid 32Ch 3TB Non-Looping

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Dedicated Micros : SDA/32/3T

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A powerful hybrid DVR/NVR, the SD Advanced SDA/32/3T (DM/SDACP32/3T) combines all the benefits of a DVR with the feature set of a high performance embedded NVR and offers multiple channels of IP and Analogue video.

All SD Advanced models can connect to up to 32 cameras – offering a blend of analogue and IP connections. Each camera can offer realtime viewing, recording and playback simultaneously.

The DVR is capable of the seamless recording & display of IP video streams from IP Cameras, IP domes, encoders and other NetVu Connected Video Servers offering the ability to view and record IP Sources, irrespective of the devices’ location. Connection of 3rd party IP cameras will incur a nominal license charge – Licenses for NetVu Connected cameras are free. ANALYTICSCAPABLE
AnalyticsCapable products can be upgraded to run a range of Dedicated Micros analytics components including; ANPR, Object Left/Removed, Detection Tripwire and Counting Tripwire. Only a software licence upgrade is required to deploy analytics. Please contact our Customer Services team for more information.

With complete integration between the cameras and the unit, users are able to configure the PTZ device directly from the DVR. Removing the need for unnecessary site visits.

Demonstrating the power of the NetVu Connected architecture, the new SD Advanced includes powerful Recoding capabilities that can decode, in real-time, any supported 3rd party IP camera stream, and recompress to an alternative format/resolution/pps/ data rate configuration. This enables functions such as MultiMode, Analytics, Activity Detection, VMD and switching on alarm to be performed on any connected IP stream and introduces the ability to provide multiple streams from the same IP camera via the DVR.

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