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PAYLOAD-645E, 13mm 640 NTSC

The F-Series are network-enabled thermal security cameras available in 160x120, 320x240, and high-resolution 640x480 formats that provide excellent image clarity and long-range threat detection.

High-quality 24/7 thermal video security coverage

High-contrast imagery gets the most out of video-analytics software to create virtual perimeters

Clear vision in challenging conditions (low light, no light, backlight, haze, smoke, fog, etc.)

Long-life, uncooled VOx microbolometer

IP and serial control interfaces for easy integration into digital networks or analog-video environments

Multiple channels of streaming digital video available in H.264, MPEG-4 or M-JPEG formats

Simultaneous digital and composite video output

Serial control and analog composite video output for legacy network designs

Built-in Auto Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)

Weight: 9.5 lb. (configuration-dependent)

Size: 6.3 in. H x 5.5 in. W x 18.1 in. D

Power Requirements: 24 V DC or 24 V AC (25 percent)

Compression Type H.264
Environment INDOOR / OUTDOOR
Form Factor BOX
Position Type FIXED
Resolution 640 X 480
Signal Process IP

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.