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Long Range IR Illuminator Lights - Perfect lighting solution for CCTV Security Cameras
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Super long range IR illuminator

The Iluminar IR919 IP Series has super long range IR illumination with SMT LED technolgoy and captures distances upt o 919" (280m)

Comes in models:

IR919 IP Series Angle Range Wavelength Power Input
IR919-A10-IP-2 10o 919ft / 280m 850nm Hi-PoE
IR919-A30-IP-2 30o 623ft / 190m 850nm Hi-PoE
IR919-A60-IP-2 60o 410ft / 125m 850nm Hi-PoE
IR919-A100-IP-2 100o 236ft / 72m 850nm Hi-PoE
IR919-A120-IP-2 120o 197ft / 60m 850nm Hi-PoE
IR919-C10-IP-2 10o 443ft / 135m 940nm Hi-PoE
IR919-C30-IP-2 30o 295ft / 90m 940nm Hi-PoE
IR919-C60-IP-2 60o 197ft / 60m 940nm Hi-PoE
IR919-C100-IP-2 100o 114ft / 35m 940nm Hi-PoE
IR919-C120-IP-2 120o 95ft / 29m 940nm Hi-PoE

Super long range IR illuminator

SMT LED technology

Distances up to 919’ (280m)

Angles 10deg., 30deg., 60deg., 100deg. & 120deg.

850nm or 940nm Wavelengths

Low power consumption (48W)

Long life

5 year warranty

IP67 weatherproof rating

Built-in photocell IR on/off

Photocell following contact

Telemetry input for remote switching

12-32VDC or 24VAC input

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