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Long Range IR Illuminator Lights - Perfect lighting solution for CCTV Security Cameras
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Short range IR illuminator for true day/night CCTV cameras

The black IRC132-PoE Series Short Range 850nm IR PoE Illuminator from Iluminar is designed to be used with true day/night CCTV cameras. This illuminator is invisible to the human eye but visible to black/white and true day/night cameras, which makes it a covert/non-obtrusive illumination. Also, thanks to its invisibility to the human eye, it does not create the problem of light pollution. It has a longer range than visible light due to the higher wavelength of approximately up to 919’ (280m). The illuminator is designed to provide superior IR lighting for CCTV cameras.

Comes in models:

IRC132 Series Angle Range Wavelength Power Input
IRC132-A15-24 15o 132ft / 40m 850nm 12Vdc / 24VAC
IRC132-A30-24 30o 99ft / 30m 850nm 12Vdc / 24VAC
IRC132-A45-24 45° 66ft / 20m 850nm 12Vdc / 24VAC
IRC132-A60-24 60o 36ft / 11m 850nm 12Vdc / 24VAC
IRC132-A90-24 90o 26ft / 8m 850nm 12Vdc / 24VAC
IRC132-A120-24 120o 20ft / 6m 850nm 12Vdc / 24VAC

Short range IR illuminator for true day/night CCTV cameras

PoE powered

IEEE802.3af compliant

Distances up to 66'

30° angle

850nm wavelength

IP66 weatherproof rating

Built-in photocell IR on/off


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