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1.5 Megapixel, High Resolution, Machine Vision lens

The Fujinon HF25HA-1S is a 25mm Machine Vision Lens with a 6.2μm pixel pitch (equivalent to 1.5 mega-pixel).

This series is replacing the HF-HA-1B series, and has the same compatibility and optical performance as its predecessor.

The Fujinon HF-HA-1S series are adapted from previous Fujinon designs to increase vibration and impact resistance, as well as allow for a compact design, with an outer diameter of only  φ29.5mm.

With a focal ratio of up to F 1.2, these lenses ensures a clear image even in low light. They are compatible with sensors as large as 2/3"

Vibration- and Impact resistant design

Compact Design with an outer diameter of φ29.5mm

F1.4-F16 for high resolution even in low light


Focal Length 25 mm
Iris range (F. no) F1.4-F16
Angle of view 19.4° x 14.6°(2/3")
Working distance (from front of lens barrel) ∞ - 150 mm
Operation of focus Manual
Operation of iris Manual
Filter thread M25.5 x 0.5 mm
Mount C-mount
Weight (approx) 40 g
Resolution 6.2 μm(1.5 MP)
Sensor size (max.) 2/3"
Back focal distance (in air) 14.58 mm
Flange back 17.526 mm
Exit pupil position (from image plane) -32.42 mm
Front principal point (from Mount) 1.82 mm
Rear principal point (from Mount) -8.28 mm
Distance between the pincipal points -10.10 mm
TV distortion -0.19 %
Dimension φ29.5 × 29.5 mm

Relative illumination

(Aperture: at full open, Image height: at diagonal)

Operation Temperature -10℃ 〜 +50℃


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