Small Low Angle Dark Field Ring Light

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Advanced Illumination : DF241

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The Advanced Illumination DF241 is characterized as a Small Low Angle Dark Field ring light.

Precisely aimed LEDs provide a very low angle of incidence, radial illumination pattern.

A scratch on a sheet of glass is a good example of a defect that can be detected with a low-angle dark field illuminator.

With a light intensity of 24kLux at a working distance of ½” (12.5mm), the DF241 is perfect for imaging problems limited to a small field of view.

A 25mm field of view is standard with an optional field of view of 35mm.

Available in a range of wavelengths from UV to IR.

*Engineered to provide the same optical characteristics as our legacy RL1360.

To order:

Model - Spectral Wavelength Field of View(mm) Connector/Control - Alternative Connector
DF241   (UV) 395²
(blue) 470
(green) 520
(red orange) 625
(red) 660
(infrared) 880
(white) WHI
EX: DF241-625513-M12  
¹Available with IC, I3, I3S and 24 options only
²Not Available in IC and 24


General Specifications
Electrical Specifications Color 24v Current All Other Controls
625, 660, 880 0.36A 0.27 A Max
395, 470, 520,  WHI 0.24A 0.18A Max
Normal Operating Temperature 0 - 60°C
Weight  1.28lb (580.6g) (20.48oz)
Standard Cable Information Up to 2 meters (80") long-105°C rated PVC jacket, foil shield with drain
Photobiological Risk Factor IEC 62471 Exempt Applicable Wavelengths: 880
Group 1 (Low-Risk) Applicable Wavelengths: 470, 520, 625, 660, WHI
Group 2 (Medium-Risk) Applicable Wavelengths: 395
Compliance CE, RoHS, IEC 62471
IP Rating Not Rated
Lumen Maintenance L70 = 50,000 Hours

Connnector/Control Options

C1 Connector For use with DCS Series Controllers
C5 Connector For use with Pulsar 320 Strobe Controller
ICS 2 (IC) Continuous in-line controller
Powered with 24V power supply
ICS 3 (I3) Combination strobe/continuous in-line controller
Powered with 24V power supply
ICS 3S (I3S) Default-OFF strobe/continuous in-line controller
Powered with 24V power supply
24 Flying/tinned leads
Powered with 24V power supply

See Datasheet in documents tab for optical diagrams

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