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IMI Technology : IMx-3505U

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2/3" CCD Camera, USB3.0, Color or Monochrome

The Imi Technologies IMx-3505U (IMB-3505U and IMC-3505U) is a USB3.0 Camera with a 2/3" CCD Sharp RJ32S4AD0DT Sensor. The IMx-3505U is available with both color and monochrome capabilities.

The IMx-3505U is suitable for us in ITS, machine vision, medical, sport science, and high end security applications.

Available Models of the IMx-3505U
Model Description
IMB-3505U Monochrome 2/3" CCD USB3.0 Camera
IMC-3505U Color 2/3" CCD USB3.0 Camera


5.0 MP Resolution

CCD Sensor with Global Shutter

15 Frames per second

External Hardware Trigger/Strobe

C/CS Mount Selectable

Cable Lock with screws

44(W) x 40(H) x 31(D)mm 


Specifications for the IMx-3505U
  IMB-3505U IMC-3505U
Image Sensor 2/3” Interline CCD(Sharp RJ32S4AD0DT) 2/3” Interline CCD(Sharp)
Effective Pixels 5,018,400 pixels
Picture Size 2448(H) x 2050(V) 
Cell Size 3.45 um x 3.45 um 
Real Frame Rate  15  (2448x2050, Mono 8) 
15  (2448x2050, Mono 12) 

15  (2448x2050, GR8)
15  (2448x2050, GR12)
15  (2448x2050, YUV411)
15  (2448x2050, YUV422) 

Lens Mount C-mount, CS-Mount
Scanning System Progressive Scan 
ROI Partial Scan (Unit: 4x4)
Trigger Edge  Rising Edge or Falling Edge (Photo coupler) 
Mode 0, 1, 2, 4, 5, 15
Source External Trigger(Photo-coupler) or Software Trigger 
Strobe Support Normal Mode or Trigger Mode(Photo-coupler) 
Memory Save/Load 9 Channels(0:factory, 1~4:feature, 5~8:mode/feature) 
One-shot/Multi-shot 1 ~ 65535 Shots
Control Functions Brightness, Sharpness, Gamma, Auto-Exposure, Shutter, Gain User Defined LUT Brightness, Sharpness, Gamma, Auto-Exposure, Shutter, Gain, Saturation, Auto White Balance, User Defined LUT
Digital Interface / Transfer Rate USB3.0 / 5Gbps 
Gain 0 ~ 18 dB (Manual or Auto control)
Shutter Speed 1 usec ~ 3600 sec (Manual or Auto control)
Data Depth 12 bit 
Supply Voltage& Power Less than 3.5W @5 VDC 
External Dimension / Weight 44(W) x 44(H) x 24.5(D) mm / Approx 55g 
Operation Temp/ Storage Temp -5°C to 45°C / -30°C to 60°C 
Camera Specification AIA USB3.0 Vision version 1.0 


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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.