Kowa LM16JCM-WP 2/3" 16mm F1.4/F4/F8/F16 Fixed Iris C-Mount Lens, Waterproof & Dust Resistant, IP67 Rated, Ruggedized, 2 MP Rated

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Introducing Kowa's LM16JCM-WP 2/3" Ruggedized Waterproof 16mm 2MP Lens

The JCM-WP series utilizes Kowa’s latest technology to protect against extreme environments ranging from high vibration/shock to damp/wet conditions. With optical specs based on Kowa’s standard 2/3” JCM series lenses, these ruggedized waterproof megapixel lenses are ideal for applications that require increased durability and superior optical performance.

Focal Length 16mm
Focal Length Sort Order 16
Lens Type Fixed Focal Length
Image Size 2/3″ (8.8 x 6.6 x 11mm)
Iris Range (F-Stop) F1.4/F4/F8/F16
Angle of View 1/3″ (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 16.4 x 12.3 x 20.4°
Angle of View 1/2″ (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 21.8 x 16.4 x 27.0°
Angle of View 2/3″ (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 30.0 x 22.7 x 37.0°
TV Distortion -0.05%
Minimum Object Focus Distance (1/3″) (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 61.2 x 45.9 x 76.6mm
Minimum Object Focus Distance (1/2″) (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 81.8 x 61.2 x 102.5mm
Minimum Object Focus Distance (2/3″) (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 112.8 x 84.4 x 141.2mm
Filter Thread Size M27x0.5
Focusing Range 0.2m
Flange Back 17.526mm in air
Back Focus 13.1mm in air
Front/Rear Effective Diameter Front Φ20.2mm / Rear Φ15.5mm
Mount C-mount
Exit Pupil Location 340mm
Temperature Range -10°C ~ +50°C
Storage Temperature Range -20°C ~ +60°C
Resolution: Center/Corner Center 120lp/mm / Corner 100lp/mm
Weight 75g

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