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1/2" 8-80mm Video Auto Motorized Zoom Lens

The Senko ADL HZ10X0816V Motorized Zoom Lens has powerful magnification and compact size. The HZ-10X0816V also has preset for zoom and focus and 3 motor versions available.

  • Powerful magnification
  •  Compact size
  • Preset on Zoom and Focus
  • 3 motor version is available
Focal Length 8-80mm
Fno. F1.6
Designed Image Format 1/2"(4.8x6.4mm)
Operation Range Iris  F1.6-F360
Focus  1m ~ ∞
Zoom  8 ~ 80mm
Control Iris  DC Galvanometer
  Focus  DC Motor
  Zoom  DC Motor
Object Size at MOD Wide  564x760mm
Tele  46x60mm
  1/2" 1/3"
Field of View D  54.0º~5.6º  41.0º~4.35º
H 43.4º~4.6º 32.9º~3.51º
V 32.8º~3.5º  24.8º~2.65º
  Iris Focus  Zoom
Driving Coil/Supply Volt 182 Ω    DC 6-12V 
Damping Coil/Current  1145 Ω 60mA or less
Response Time 1 - 2 sec. 
 (Potentiometer) 10K Ω VR
Light Measuring Method Average to Peak(Factory set at Average)
Input Signal Video Signal (V or VS)
Iris Accuracy ± 15 % at Video Signal Level
Sensitivity Adjustment 0.4~1.0Vp-p(Video SIgnal)
Operating Temperature -10º~ 50ºC
Mount C
Back Focus 16.49mm
Mechanical Bf 17.5mm
Exit Pupil 123.8mm
Filter Pupil M49x0.75mm
Aperture Front  Ø 40mm
Rear  Ø 12.8mm
Dimensions 68x65x103.5mm
Weight 455g

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